Kinda like Spring Break...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I was talking with a friend of mine today. He asked me how motherhood was going. I told him I was tired, but wired and ecstatic! Like I hadn't slept for a few days. He was like, oh, like Spring Break w/o the bikinis. And I added, yeah, and minus the alcohol, but the same amount of puke and no time for eating, too. LOL.

I'm eating more than I did the first day home. We had visitors over on Sunday and I felt really great that day. It was gorgeous and I felt confident enough to drive myself to the store to some essentials for Mari. We had friends coming over and I wanted to be back before they got there. I dressed myself and even put a bit of makeup on. I felt pretty. When I got home, I was so excited to see everyone when they came by. We hung out, but a fast forward a few hours and I was spent. I really needed to lay down and relax. I was hurting a bit and I knew I'd pushed a bit too hard, too soon. I fell asleep when everyone was here, but they completely understood. They were here to see the baby anyway, right?

Monday came and I felt so much better knowing that I'd had a good nap the night before and slept hard in between the feedings. We were still trying to get our rhythm with the nursing, but I couldn't forget Alice's (my lactation consultant that I saw at the hospital before we'd come home) words. She was amazing and she told me that Mari and I were naturals. I just needed to be patient and so did she, but that we both knew what to do, we just needed to relax. Sure enough, Mari will latch on so long as I'm relaxed and she's ready. We took her to Dr. Okamoor's office on Monday for her first visit. She'd lost 8% of her body weight in the hospital and they wanted to see her before 1 week. They also said she had a bit of jaundice, but nothing to worry about. Well, she gained 2oz back and almost all of the jaundice was gone. Dr. Okamoor said she was perfect and progressing well. That we were doing a fantastic job and to keep it up. Don and I looked at each other and I think we were both EXTREMELY comforted hearing that. On that visit, I did learn that my choice in diaper bag may not have been the wisest one. There weren't enough pockets for all the stuff I needed and while it was wide enough, it certainly wasn't deep enough. We ran a few more errands, so Mari had about an hours-worth car ride. We didn't dare take her out of the car, one of just just stayed back while the other would run into the store. We got home and I felt SOOOOOOOOO much better than the day before.

Today, was a good slow and easy day. We got up and Mari would want to feed every 3 hours. Only once was it 2 hours, so I had some really great sleep and plenty of relaxation time. There was a Petunia Pickle Bottom sale going on, so I found the boxy backpack I had seen before and liked and had to get it. 70% off!! You can't beat that. Plus, no tax! I just had to pay for shipping. I can't wait to get it. The dimensions are bigger than my original bag, so it makes me happy! Also, Guapo had his annual visit. Things were mostly good except for this growth he has on his bottom. The doctor thinks it may be a slight tumor, but there's no way to tell. He told us they could do his teeth cleaning and remove his mole on his face at the same time. We're supposed to get a quote on the price of all that.

Anyway, life is good. Time to go to sleep for now. Here's a pic from days 4 and 5:
How could you not love that smile?

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