Stripes, Bath, and Beyond

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It was going to be a beautiful 60 degree day in Texas and I needed to get out of the house. My friend Camille was coming over and we were going to head to Arbor Hills for a nice stroll. We did our morning feeding routine and I got her dressed and ready to go. Again, she wasn't happy to have her diaper changed and she angrily made it known her displeasure. I put her fancy black onesie and striped tights because I was feelin' sassy. She looked so cute, despite her sheer displeasure. I snapped the photo and picked her up. She immediately quieted down. I thought she'd gone to sleep on my shoulder. I was about to put her in the bassinet so I could get dressed. In the process of me moving her she spit up all over herself and me. Black onesie covered in yellow-white spit up, I'm covered in all of it, and because her fist was in the way and she likes to flail her arms, it was all in her hair and over her face. She just stared at me in a helpless little way, as if to tell me, "Man, that felt great!" Back to the changing table and more screaming. I took off the clothes and treated it all with some Shout. She smelled kinda funny too, so I went ahead and changed the diaper. Well, 'lo and behold, she wasn't quite finished. I was lucky enough to have put the other diaper under her, but unlucky because it wasn't on straight. She'd leaked a bit on her leg. Again, it was ok because there was no mess on the changing table. After getting all of the spit up and poo off her body with wipes, I went to give her bath. This was her first bath since losing her umbilical cord. It was kinda tricky since last time I had Don to help me. I was dirty enough, so I didn't care how wet I was going to get. I remembered thinking, as wet as I got, I could've probably showered with her. She wasn't too happy about the bath either, but it was a lot less anger than when she gets her diaper changed. I actually think she liked the warm water. But when I washed her hair, well, that's when she got upset. Her entire little body turned a lobster red and her crying went totally silent. The look of complete anguish broke my heart and I just wanted to cry too. I talked to her in a soothing voice, and I could hear the tremble in my cadence. It seemed to calm her. I wrapped her in her warm towel and held her tight to my chest.
She looked up at me content and relieved. I gave her the paci and she quieted down even more. She sucked like Maggie from The Simpsons and I took her back to the dreaded changing table and got her dressed again. I swaddled her in a couple of blankets and put her in her vibrating rocking seat. She just sat there quietly. Here she is after the bath. Look how her hair curls up!After it dries, I brush it and it straightens out. She's just so darn cute!

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Camille came by and we loaded Mari up in the carseat. We packed up the car with the diaper bag and stroller and headed to Arbor Hills. It wasn't very packed and that made me happy. True to form, Mari had passed out in the car ride over and was going to probably sleep for while. Camille had never walked the loop, so I explained to her that it was about 1.25 miles. She was ready for it. We walked the BIG hill and huffed a bit until we got to a fork in the road. We decided to take the extra leg. I had my water, Mari seemed content, Camille was game, and I was feeling SUPER good, so why not. Towards the end of our walk, I caught this little squirrel eating. I snapped the shot and wanted to remember the first time I took the baby out to the preserve. We also saw a hawk, a cardinal, a bunny, a few spiders, and 1 rubber snake. We had such a great time and was quite surprised (and impressed) that we'd just walked 2.25 miles. We felt great and committed to going for some sort of outdoorsy walk at least once a week. Walking is the only kind of exercise I can do for now so I have to take full advantage. I'm glad that I have this committment with Camille, so I'll be motivated enough to get out and about. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate.

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The Potts Family said...

I can't believe you're making crockpot meals and already taking walks! You are a natural!
Braelyn hated the bath when she was a newborn....until I started taking them with her. Who knows if that's hygenic or whatever, but she's fine and it made for a better bath experience. I would lay her on my chest and pour cup afer cup of warm water over her back. They love it!
Mari is so precious - I love seeing the pics. You're such a good blogger :)

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