Concert Memory: Incubus

Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm writing about this concert so I will remember it. This won't be a review, but just a stream of conscious writing so I can recall the memory for our Sugarbaby, Tesla-bug. 

I've been a follower of Incubus since 2001's Morning View release. Drive  &  Pardon Me seemed to really pull me in and connected in some way, but then Wish You Were Here was released and well, I never looked back. That song has so, so, so many memories for me. From sitting on a beach, listening to my MP3 player, driving so many different roads in states, ahhhh...good stuff. And then, well, then I lost touch with their music, having it pop up every so often when talking with my cousin or the few times they would pop in my Pandora feed. 

Then, said cousin let me know he was coming to town to watch Incubus and tickets were affordable! Groupon ran an amazing special, so not only was this deal super affordable, but EVEN BETTER! I decided that this would be Tesla's first concert and we'd figure out a way to make it work despite the show being on a Thursday.

Fast forward to the week of the concert and well, suffice it to say, I have had about the same amount of sleep all week as I have had the first week of Tesla's life. Poor thing has been sick, clingy, and only wanting Mama. It totally warms my heart, but it also exhausts me. I pushed through and was still excited. I was grateful for my BFF Lindsey for letting her come over and have a playdate with her son and for watching our Sugarbean. Seriously, we could NOT afford the going rate for a sitter...let alone for longer than planned, but more on that later.

Then, my cousin calls and tells me that he wasn't approved for his vacation time and that he'd have to pass. I was kinda sad because I knew how much he appreciates them, just like me. My husband is enough of a fan to know a couple of songs, but that's it. I'm just glad he wanted to go to the concert. Anyway, after a delayed start and ridiculous traffic just to park (where we totally missed the opening act, but were treated to some awesome fireworks at the State Fair while waiting), we pulled in to a spot at the edge of the lot.

We walked up to the venue and I was doing my best to sneak in an umbrella. (Really? An umbrella? I remember when there were far other risque items I used to try to sneak into a concert and an umbrella wasn't among those items.) We settled towards the top of the lawn away from the tobacco and herbal smokers in what seemed like a "family" section because there was another family near us with a lively 3 year old. Don was about 1/4 way through his over-priced beer when we were told to evacuate the venue due to the weather. They guaranteed to play their entire set, but only after the storm passed. 

We trekked back to our car and no sooner did we get settled in when the storm came down. On our walk to the car, I was getting a bit nervous because all around us transformers were blowing up (is that the correct way to put it?). Luckily, we made it safely. About half an hour (or more) passed and a guy in a golf cart was driving around proclaiming that it was safe to come back and they'd be starting again.

Perfect timing because I'd just nursed Tesla. Who then opted to spit up all over me. Lucky for me, it was easily covered by the wrap. I wrapped her up again, put on the noise cancellation ears, and we set off back to the concert. I was happy to hear my favorite songs and the night seemed even more magical by the awesome lighting show overhead!

All night, there were these beautiful electric ripples highlighting Brandon Boyd's amazing voice. I was truly mesmerized.

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