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Monday, September 19, 2011

Mari has curls that won’t quit. Much to many hairdresser’s dismay, we’ve never cut her hair. Not even a trim! When wet, her hair lays flat all the way to the top of her bum. It’s LONG! It’s WILD! It’s BEAUTIFUL!
When it comes to brushing her hair, though, it’s not so pleasant. There have been times that I’ve threatened her with having to cut it (knowing I wouldn’t do such a thing, but she doesn’t know that!). She loves having long hair like Rapunzel. Our ritual: wash hair once a week, condition with every bath, leave a pea-size amount of conditioner in her hair, spray with detangler, wide tooth comb wet hair, and blow dry. In the mornings, I smooth her hair down at the crown with Palmer’s Coconut hair milk. We brush out the “rats” once a week and man, it’s a chore!
Because of Zulily, I had the opportunity to purchase The Knot Genie at a discounted rate. I checked out the video and set up a game plan. Here’s the video:

Here is our before photo after the shower. Look how tight those curls are.
Here I am brushing it.
Here is the final.
(I can put up a video of the process if you are interested.)
Anyway, it is still a bit of an issue to brush her hair, but the process is much faster. She likes to brush her own hair, wet or dry. She loves the design and how it fits in her hand. I think the design is really great too. There were still a few knots, but I didn’t see as much hair being yanked out. I certainly didn’t hear that ripping sound of hair either. We didn’t have any tears and only one really big confrontation, which had more to do with her wanting to do it herself and not me. The bristles are pliable and for me, when I brush my own hair, it feels pretty good. I’ve scratched my head with it and wow, it feels awesome, not abrasive!
I give it a thumbs up and I would definitely recommend it if you have a kiddo with unruly hair and brushing/combing is quite an ordeal. I’m very glad that I purchased two; a purple one for the Sugarbean and a blue one for Baby T (for when she gets her own hair). I kinda wish I had that fancy silver one for myself!
**I was not paid by The Knot Genie to write this article. Nor did they approach me to write it, either. These opinions are my own because I thought the product was nifty.**

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chae said...

Look at all that hair! No haircut yet?! Wow. I have a birds nest too. Can adults use this product?

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