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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Normally, I like to have the Halloween costume picked out and pretty much ready to go at the end of September, but I haven't really been focused on that. Until my friend posted this link to's article about Best Costumes for Baby's First Halloween. If you look closely, you will see our Sugarbaby! They featured this photo taken by Pumpkin Pie Photography and she's wearing the outfit from Sweet Love Creates.

All of that awesome cuteness, what could I possibly dress her in for Halloween? Maybe a banana?


Really, I would like to do something fun for both gals, but it looks like Mari is insistent on being a princess. I'm gonna try to see if she'll dress up in a pink dress. If so, she can be Glinda the good Witch, Tesla can be Dorothy or a Munchkin, and Guapo and be Elphaba...or Toto. :D

Or why does it even have to be a theme? I caved and bought some lace rompers for the girls' dress-up. I think I could figure out a way to add some peacock feathers or feathers in general. What do you think? Or we could go a completely different direction and take advantage of some nifty outfits on Using Kohl's cash and their discounts makes their costumes quite affordable. I like the idea of all of us being super-heroes. We could also be Star Wars characters. I think Tesla would make an adorable Yoda (they don't have it)! Of course, Mari could be Princess Vader (as she frequently likes to dress up). Or I think my favorite would be a family of rag dolls. Raggedy Ann & Andy family. Cute, huh? 

Best laid plans, though. Halloween will soon sneak up on us and I'll probably end up being a banana. 


How about you all? What are your ideas?

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