Fall Fashion Week: Friday

Friday, September 30, 2011 we are, in the homestretch of the Fall Fashion Week. Thank you Emery Jo! I'm going to miss it because I've really enjoyed it! I'm posting my Friday look and Thursday night outfit to the concert. Be sure to head on out to see more of the other ladies' outfits during the week, too! For those of you loyal readers, be on the lookout for some fun stuff in October. Yaaay!

Headband: gifted
Scarf: gifted (hooray for being chilly enough to warrant a lightweight scarf in the morning!)
Shirt: Limited
Cardigan: the sewn in bling!
Pants: Kohls...super, duper clearance
Shoes: BCBG, DSW


This outfit was all about practicality. It was unusually hot! We're talking it was knocking on 100 degree heat in the evening. There was a chance it would storm (which it did). We were going to be sitting on the lawn and I knew I would be wearing our nearly 6 month old. I also needed something that would allow me to nurse her if I had to. I chose to wear the necklace my husband gave me as a birthday gift ages ago because it is sterling silver and works as a great teething ring. I know because Mari loved chewing on it, as well. It's elegant and sits nicely on a a nylon string. This necklace is among my sentimental pieces. (I love accessories, can you tell?)

Sunglasses: Impulse buy, I don't remember where, but I love them
Necklace: Gifted, Jared (I know you just sang the song!)
Maxi dress: Old Navy
Half Tank: La Leche League
Flip flops (we call 'em chanclas): Target



Jeanine Byers said...

That scarf adds such a wonderful splash of color to your outfit! And that maxi dress is hot.

Have you paired the scarf with it? That might be fun!

It's been fun hanging out with you and the other ladies this week. I'm sad for it to end.

Today's fall outfit post

Charlotte said...

Maxi dresses rock. Functional and super cute. And can I say I find it cute, but also really funny, you chose a necklace so your baby could chew on it? :D

E said...

You look amazing in that maxi dress! I love that color on you. Also, built in bling is the best. The absolute best. This week has been a blast!

two birds said...

the color of that pink dress looks amazing on you! (as does the dress)

Lea said...

I'm loving your bright pink maxi dress!! Hope the concert was fun, fun, fun!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

what a trooper for still dressing up when it's 100 degrees out! and i thought it being in the mid 80s over here was bad enough. :)

i love the color of your maxi dress. it looks wonderful on you!

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