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Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm a working mom. I'm lucky to have an incredible partner in my daily adventures. Without him, well, I don't want to imagine it. Needless to say, we walk around in a zombie-like stage for some of the day. During the week, this is probably one of my most favorite views:

The one in the middle with the darker roof, that's my building! It's beautiful, right? When I first interviewed for the position where I am, I was in awe when I pulled up to the building. It reminded me of my adventure in Paris. I get to work in that building! Each morning during the week, bleary-eyed, I see this building and my brain clicks on. I like that feeling. As with all things, though, sometimes you need a break.

I took off a Friday to prepare for an extra special, sleep-away-from-our-kids night out with my hard working husband. In typical Bianca fashion, I did my best to not plan anything, but I still had some things scheduled. But I need to back up. Thursday, I was given a last minute project that was due mid-afternoon on Friday. Eeesh! I forgot to mention that I already had plans that evening with my beloved to attend a charity mixer. No worries, we'd still check it out and I'd work a bit that night and some of Friday.

Sure enough, we met up and boy howdy was he looking delicious! (Bonus points if you can find him) Doesn't that look fancy? I felt fancy! (Thanks Will & Nicole for watching the gals!)

We indulged on some yummies and toasted a night out. Sushi, crostini, open bar, lobster shooters oh my! By the end of the night, I was spent. I prepped for the next day and purposefully set my alarm for half an hour later. Instead, I was up half an hour earlier than normal. I helped Don get the Sugarbean ready and Tesla and I didn't rush the morning. I had a conference call, then I took her to school. I then chose to work away from home for a bit before my pedicure. (Lovely windshield...I should've taken the car to get detailed!)


Pedicure? Why yes! Thanks to Travel Zoo, I scored an awesome mani/pedi deal to a fancy spa! I bought it back during my birthday month and this was just the day to use it! Doesn't this just look so serene?


Next up, to meet friends for lunch! Here's where things were a bit wonky. More on that later.


Why yes, that's the fabulous Mandi of MakeupMandiTX! The service was unusually slow. The food was meh. But all of that was made up by the amazing company. When, I left, my phone started to die. I seemed to catch every red light. I couldn't get great parking. It was a disaster for the next several hours. And after a few crazy hiccups, things were finally getting back to normal. And I walked down the hall to our hotel room:


No, this isn't a scene from The Shining. It was our little getaway for the next few hours. See, we were attending our Primo's birthday party. Great Gatsby themed, with special instructions to arrive to the restaurant in masks. OoooOOOoooh! Here are several of us guest crammed into the elevator:

This is the party crew...

We dined, we danced, we took photos, both in front of the camera and behind it. We toasted and talked.


My favorite time in the evening was when we sat under the night stars on the open patio, laughing and random youtube snippets, singing, and just enjoying one another's company. Nearly 4AM (22 hours from when I was first up that morning) and I went to bed. I was up at 8, packing and getting ready to go home because the adventure was coming to a close. We drove home in silence, holding hands. (A very special thanks to my mother, sister, and nephew & niece for taking care of the girls for us!)


At the end of it all, I just had to give thanks for the life that I live. It's nice to go out and enjoy. It was definitely eye opening to me to see what our lives might have been like had we made a few different choices. But I wouldn't want it any other way. The thing that I kept going back to were these faces:

It was a nice adventure, but we missed our darling girls. Based on the way they slept, I think they had quite an adventure themselves! It seems a change of perspective did us all good.

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