Tesla 6 Months!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Dear Miss Tesla Jane,

It's been 6 glorious months of sheer happiness with you. Every.Single.Day. I look at you and am simultaneously overjoyed and inspired by you. You have such a calm demeanor and aren't really bothered by anything. You are incredibly curious! You are constantly watching and observing. Now that you are more able and aware, you definitely want to be involved with everything that is going on around you. You love to feel the different textures wherever you are. You like to rake your little fingers like crazy. You say things like "mamamamama" or "bababababa" for when you are ready to eat. Sometimes, we've caught you saying "hi" but I'm not sure if that is your intention or not. You are now trying to wave goodbye, although, right now you just do it with your fingers instead of your whole hand.

You've been sitting for quite a while on your own. A few weeks ago, you even went from belly to back, to pushing yourself up to a seated position. Just yesterday, you got up on all fours and crawled a few feet. You were motivated to be closer to your big sister, whom you adore!

Right now your favorite toy is cellophane or crinkly plastic. You can entertain yourself with that stuff forever. Luckily, the folks who made your toys and activity mat are aware of this because you can't seem to get enough of the petals on the flower or the wings on your butterfly. You also like the way the keys on my keyboard click. We have since resurrected the "play" wireless keyboard and you happily tap away on the keys.

I'm happy to say that you have been a breastmilk baby with the exception of two ounces of sample formula. Lucky for you that we have such good friends who have donated their excess reserves. This mama doesn't feel nearly as guilty for not being able to keep up with your demand. You are happily eating the homemade food. 1 oz of fruit for breakfast and 1 oz of veggies for lunch. For dinner, we surprise you with some veggie that we are eating together. Not surprisingly, you are pretty good with a spoon and understand that when we put food on it for you, you like to "feed yourself."

You've had a nasty virus/cold for a large portion of your short life. Your daddy and I have had a couple of laughs, though. After you sneeze, you will have accumulated a copious amount of snot on your nostrils. Then you'll breathe and a large bubble will form. It looks like a frog is about to croak. Then we will quickly wipe your nose, which you loathe. However, you don't mind when we use your aspirator. You actually giggle and laugh...usually. As a result, you are getting pretty close to knowing how to blow your nose in a Kleenex. I'm pretty impressed with that, actually.

You are starting to get more hair and the more you get, the darker it is becoming. Your eyes are still a stunningly hazel color. Your smile, like your sister's, is a bright megawatt beam that lights the room. Your feet are still tiny, but the rest of you is growing like crazy (still hovering in the 95th percentiles in all of your categories)!

It's so hard to believe it's been six months already. I'm so lucky to be your mama! Happy Birthday Sugarbaby! We love you!




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