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Sunday, September 11, 2011

In order to have a workout routine, it has to BE a routine, and it has to be a priority. Plan it, and make everything else work around it. If something conflicts with your workout, reschedule or cancel the OTHER thing. Workouts CANNOT be touched...your life and health, and YOU are worth it. by  Artzy Fartzy

I read those words and a fire ignited within me. How can someone who seemingly have so much energy feel the need to be energized by these words? Well, I've been under the weather for the past week. I thought what I had were allergies, but with each day, things seem to be progressing for the worse. I have a crunchy, wheeze in my chest, my head pounds when I'm sitting vertically, and I'm so low energy, it's a nightmare. Usually when I feel these chest colds building up, I like to go for a run. Weird, I know, but something about running loosens things up and makes me feel a bit worse before feeling better. Yes, my chest pounds and aches during the process, but it is totally worth it! Such was the case yesterday, but today when I awoke, I'm still not feeling it.

Then I remember this picture. I snapped it one of the past few times my mom was in town visiting. My mother lives with RA and chronic back problems. Not back aches, but back problems. She had two intense surgeries six years ago. It took a year for the wounds from the second surgery to close. For a year, I could stare at the incision point, which was about 5 inches, and look at the sinew and muscle tissue of her lower back. It was by the grace of God that it was never infected. When I'm out and about with her, I've become numb to the way she is. I've learned patience and to look past things. It makes Mom uncomfortable for people to stare and make a fuss over her. What things to do you mean? Well, these are the things that typically yield harsh stares from strangers. (Occasionally, a kind soul will express concern, but mostly we get looks of disgust for not doing more for our mother, or looks that yell, you should just stay home.) My mom uses a walker to get around. That's not abnormal. But she can't walk more than 25 feet without having to pause. On good days, she can stand for 10 minutes. Most days she can only stand for about 5. When she sits, she always leans to her left. On really bad days, she does her best to rush in her walker where ever she can go, and will promptly lay on the floor. She is infinitely more comfortable on the floor than any where else. Of course, it is human nature to wonder. Can you imagine, if you were out and about, and you see someone just laying on the floor? You would think, what is wrong? If you saw the same person all over the place on the floor, you would then begin to wonder. What you have to understand is that mom isn't one to sit back and watch life pass her by. She's an active matter the adversity.

I tell you all of this for two reasons. One, to keep her in your prayers and she continues to wake each day and embraces every opportunity to live it. In the coming weeks, she will be undergoing preliminary tests to determine if maybe she can improve her quality of life. She will have to answer some tough questions posed to her because the potential risks depending on her choice could very well be life threatening. It is scary to me to see her in that situation. I'm certain it is even scarier for her. Please pray that she continues to have the strength each day and pray for clarity in her choices.  Second, I tell you the inspiration and motivation why I do what I do. I somehow find the energy within to try to live each moment. To not take it for granted. I attempt to bend time to my will so I can do as much living as humanly possible. Feeling the sick, feeling the's all the same. It's about feeling and living.

What motivates you? What gets you going? Happy Grandparents day today! All of you grandparents are special people!

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Jacki said...

Your mom's perseverance is a lesson and inspiration to us all!

I also find the running thins the mucus and congestion for me, too. I think it's the adrenaline. Adrenaline is a stimulant just like decongestants are, so it makes sense to me!

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