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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some of the most valuable lessons we are trying to teach our daughters definitely goes against some of the less liberal *ahem...conservative* thinking down here. One of the things that attracted me most to Don, from the get-go, was that he accepted everyone for who they were. He didn't care about the labels on your clothes, the color of your skin, the amount of money you had, where you came from, none of that. Like me, we accept people because they are good people. All sorts of really good people come from so many different walks of life. That's why it is important to expose our girls to all types of people. Granted, our close loved ones are quite colorful, in skin, personality, and best of all, experiences.

Today, we had the pleasure of dining with our friend and family for Sunday brunch. This special brunch also featured their first drag show. Not just any ol' drag show, but one that featured Erica Andrews (who has held every title a queen could have) and Candis Cayne. Holy cow were they beautiful! Even more than that, they were ever so gracious. After they had performed and they were about to leave, they patiently waited while Mari thanked them for their performances. Not only that, but they complimented her own beauty! I don't really think Mari has ever seen such glamour first hand. She even asked me if one of them was Barbie, to which I replied, no, her name is Candis. In awe, she whispered, "Caaaaandisssss." Clearly she was impressed.

When I walked in, I must admit, I was apprehensive. We were those people that brought children to a bar. Ok, ok, it is a restaurant, but it had the energy of a bar. I feared that we were going to be judged, which was totally stupid. Not only were we welcomed with open arms, but I didn't get any stares or gawks when I nursed Tesla. As a parent, I don't think I've ever felt more accommodated and welcomed at a restaurant. (Sidenote: Check out Dish for supreme service. The food was so-so, but the service was outstanding!! The show was just the icing on the cake!) From the moment we walked in, they asked us if we needed a high chair and/or booster seat. They even made waffles just for Mari. Tesla was curious about everything and after her nursing session, passed out. She totally slept through the entire show. Later, the manager walked up to us and told us that his own little one slept through the shows as well. Parents know parents. :)

At the end of the show, we made friends with some other patrons and they were so gracious to share goodies from their own party. They gifted Tesla and Mari with tiaras, rainbow leis, and candy necklaces. Tesla was all about that lei.
I lamented that I didn't get a photo of the performers with our girls. Another time, I'm sure. (Thanks to my cousin for capturing these for us!) We are beyond blessed to have a myriad of friends and family who encourage not only our own personal growth, but that of our children as well. What about you? What was your first drag show? If you've never been, you should go...and be sure to pack plenty of bills for tips. They are performers, after all!

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chae said...

Oh Damn! Sounds like a fun time. I love a good drag show myself. Haha, Candisssss. Glad Mari and Tesla enjoyed the show.

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