Where oh where have you been?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's been something like 10 days since I've posted ANYTHING. What is going on with me? Well, rest assured, no major changes in my life, I've just been busy livin' it. I will have some updates soon enough, including HDMR, product review, ideas for a baby shower, and *hopefully* finished images of the Sugarbeans room.

Oh, so yeah, here's a summary of my week last week:
  • Baby Shower for a friend*
  • Volunteering
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Sugarbean's room finalization including move, detail touch-ups, closet, washing clothes, painting the end table and mirror, vinyl application, making pillowcases
  • Tesla related stuff: toddler bed to crib, hanging new clothes, washing 22 diapers, cleaning the car seat, washing all newborn laundry and prepping
  • Breakfast Nook slight makeover: we swapped bookshelves from the bedroom to the breakfast area and my what a difference it has made!
  • Church fish fry
  • 37 week Maternity photo shoot by my darling husband
  • Date night!
Yeah, we've been busy. ha ha! Our house is slowly coming back together and I couldn't be more pleased, let me tell ya. Anyway, blogs to come soon! 

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