Open Letter to Tesla & Mari

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dear Girls,

Each morning as a dress for my busy day, I'm forced to pause. You see, Mari always turns to my belly and whispers good morning to her little sister Tesla. She always asks you how you slept, she'll tenderly kiss you, and lately she's been reaching up her hands and placing them around my belly like she's supporting it and will sing to you. She likes "holding" you. I swell with pride at the thought. I'm so excited about all of the awesome adventures the two of you will share.

Whether you like it or not, you will wear matching outfits quite a bit. As a younger sister, I always enjoyed matching my big sis, even though she didn't like it, I always wanted to be like her. Here's an example, you will wear matching ribbed tank tops. Actually, I have quite a few matching knits for the two of you, some pajamas, and a couple of matching dresses. Maybe I'll grow tired of it and just coordinate colors, but until them, I'm enjoying the idea of matchy-match.
As with Mari's pregnancy, Tesla, Mommy also feels empowered, strong, and beautiful. Yes, I'm having difficulty getting around the bigger I get, but I just feel so very special that I get to be a mother to two.
I'm going to have your Daddy take some maternity photos, but in the meantime, I had some made with another awesome local photographer. Tesla, you were moving around and seemed to be enjoying it. Far different from the 3D/4D sonogram we had made. But you did pause for one awesome photo, which Heather captured beautifully in this image:
Even though we have yet to meet you in person, Tesla, you are almost the exact replica of your sister. It is remarkable how many features you share, but already your personalities are very different, which makes me that much more excited to meet you.

As the days wind down where Tesla will make her arrival, Mari we are doing our very best the make the most of our special time where you are our only little one. We're hanging out, coloring, reading, cooking, but all in all, we're just together as a family. And Mari, you always get us to stop and include your sister in some way or another. You enjoy reading to her. You enjoy talking about the movie. You tell her secrets of Chuck E. Cheese and how Grandfather and Nana take you. You tell her about Guapo and your birthdays and your adventures with your friends and cousins. Mari is just as excited for you to get here, like we all are.

I know she's going to make a fantastic big sister, just like mine was for me! I love you both dearly! We all do.

All my love,

*To see all of the images from my maternity shoot with Sapphyre Photography, click here.

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