Magical Red Flying Unicorn & DFW Kids Parties Review

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It seems that we are trendsetters or something like that, maybe. Remember when I mentioned the Sugarbean's birthday surprise? Well, last week, I received a phone call from her school requesting the information of the Happy Person who made the visit for her birthday. I guess that little one enjoyed himself so much that he requested the same thing for his birthday! I didn't think much of it until Mari came home looking like this:
According to her, it is a magical flying unicorn. I don't know why she chose to have it painted red. From my understanding, she selected a very unique character, far different from the normal flowers, hearts, or dinosaurs. I love it! Also, she requested a sheep balloon animal, which she promptly made barking noises, then would laugh at her "joke" because "Sheep don't bark, they say baaaaAAAaa." I guess she chose a unicorn because she has a unicorn pillow pet that she uses at her escuela. But idea?

I then realized that I forgot to review our new friends at DFW Kids Parties! Cindie and her friends are fantastic. I've never met Cindie in person, but she's the owner and such a delight to talk to on the phone! After getting to know me and understanding what we needed and when, she suggested a Happy Person, who is dressed in bright and fun clothing minus the clown make-up. Many children are afraid of clowns, but much of it has to do with the make-up. Because the party was during the weekday, we were given a slight discount. Additionally, we had a more experienced Happy Person, Spirit, because she is able to do the dances, make balloon animals, and paint faces of 16 kids in about an hour. That's some AMAZING time management skills!  The kids enjoyed themselves and didn't fuss over one another with the balloon animals or face paint.

Here's why we thought having the entertainment at the daycare would be better than being present at her party:

  • Every single child feels special...and the Happy Person manages to somehow make the birthday child feel a tad bit extra special. Even better when their classmates come up to them to thank them for a great time. I know my little one was beaming!
  • All of their weekday friends get to enjoy a party without the parents trying to squeeze something in during the weekend...and I honestly, I only know 3 parents from her class, (I know, how sad) and sometimes the weekend parties are a bit awkward because of it. 
  • No limitations on the number of guests. The guests are built in because of the class size. The parents joined in towards the end because the party was close to pick-up time, but they didn't mind waiting and seemed to enjoy it. Sometimes, it is tough to include school friends, church friends, other friends and family into one venue without being overly selective. (and yes, I realized I ended up having a completely separate party for the other friends and family, but that's how I roll. had we been on a tighter budget, this would have been the route to take!)
  • No need to fuss with gifts, decorations, or goody bags. Mari doesn't need any extra toys and the kids get the party favor in the form of balloon animal and painted face or hand. Although, I did want to send out an invite to her classmates warning them of the party and if they felt inclined to buy a gift, I was going to suggest they donate a new toy or art supplies to their school.
  • The extra excitement and entertainment would hopefully yield extra energy, which leads to a much more restful night
  • Less expensive than a weekend party because of the discounted rate, you don't have to pay for a venue or provide lunch. The cake serves as the snack for the kids that day (or cheese cubes for the kiddos who don't like cake).
  • More affordable. Ok, wait, hear me out! If you have a child in daycare, yes, this can be more affordable than say a party at McDonalds, Chuck E. Cheese, an indoor kids gym, or a JumpTown (indoor bounce house sort of place). Typically, those places charge a per child fee and the fee here includes the number of children in an average class. 
If you are in the DFW area and are looking for similar entertainment (dress up character, face painting, & balloon artist), I would highly recommend DFW Kids Parties! You will not be disappointed. Oh, and if you were impressed with your entertainer as much as we were, they are definitely open to receiving tips as well. 

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