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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I was a subscriber to Everyday Food for a couple of years. I loved getting it each month and planning out my menus. I figured it saved us quite a bit of money because I was able to not only menu plan, but cook items that were in season. Score, right! Well, they increased the price of the magazine and I just wasn't comfortable with spending the money any more because after a couple of years, I kept forgetting about the magazine and not utilizing it.

However, I did save a years worth and they are on my shelf in the kitchen next to my other recipe books. Tiny post-it flags peeking out over the tops and edges where I bookmarked my favorite recipes. I recently found myself going back to my Everyday Food zines in search of recipes. I know many of you are all fancy with your iPads and other electronic devices that hold your recipes, but I'm still old fashioned in that sense. I LOVE recipe books, especially the ones from the women's group at churches. Yeah, those are awesome! I digress. I like holding things in my hands and seeing the page of what I'm making. I particularly like Everyday Food because when usually include a list of what to buy for a weeks worth of meals. Makes my life a lot easier.
Sidenote: I do visit their blog for inspiration on the food dishes as well. This will be especially helpful when we have a new mouth to feed in the house! Less thinking about and more doing, with proven tasty meals!

Anyway, I received an offer to come back to them for a year for only $10!! Score. I quickly filled out the information and signed up. Bonus that I now have access to their online recipe index from 2003-2010. WOW! Not so great that I wasn't paying attention to the auto-fill box. I'm now known as Bianca Last name. hilarious!

Whatever, I'm still excited to get my magazine! I can't wait.

**I was not compensated for this review of Everyday Food. I just like their product and this review is my own opinion.**

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Briana said...

Sounds like a great tool to have. Anything that makes meal time simpler and gives you more time with your family is great. Plus I have found that the more prepared I am when it comes to having a game plan for the weeks meals the healthier I tend to eat.
Food for thought... :)
Thanks for sharing.

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