Divine Consign Spring 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

For Divine Consign this season I unfortunately didn't read the email properly and showed up half an hour late for drop off. I felt horrible about it, but my sister was ok with it and so I tried to look at the positive and sorted out all of the clothes that I could also sell for the Fall sale. This also prompted me to remember to stash away clothes that Mari has outgrown and we will probably not use for Tesla. Lucky for me, those clothes are already tagged and on hangers, so I just need to remember where I keep them for the next 5 months.

Anyway, I still shopped and scored quite a few amazing things! I was mainly on the hunt for a double jogging stroller and some pretty dresses for Mari. This is what I found:

  1. Puj tub - scored for $12
  2. Boutique Easter Dress for Mari (the only dress I bought...eek!)
  3. 2 swimsuits for Mari
  4. 1 pair of satin pajamas for Mari
  5. 2 fancy nightgowns for Mari
  6. 7 cloth diapers, 2 which can be used right off the bat
  7. 2 pairs of infant dress shoes, 1 pair of cute sandals for Tesla (Mari didn't have many infant shoes, so these are going to be fun!)
  8. 1 hot pink pair of leather dressy thong sandals for Mari
  9. 2 pairs of tights for Mari
  10. Booster seat, so our old Space Saver high chair is ready for Tesla
  11. Footstool for the kitchen so little ones can help with the cooking
No jogging stroller that we liked, so we passed. Had I known, I would've searched for a new diaper bag for Don. When I was getting out the old gear, I discovered that we were going to have to do some extensive cleaning on one of the pockets and we were unsure if it would come out. Then again, a bit of elbow grease and it'll be fine. But if I could've found one for $10, it would have saved the hassle. Also, I should have looked closer at the slings. I love our Moby, but I would really like for Don to have the Baby K'tan. He really enjoyed wearing Mari, and I imagine it'll be the same this go-round. Finally, I should've bought one of the audio monitors. They were crazy inexpensive and we totally could have used a spare now that Mari is sleeping in her room at the furthest end of the hall from us.

And for my niece, I scored:
  1. 3 amazing dresses, one of which is a lavender boutique outfit: a full color lavender sheath, with a white spring coat with the same color lavender brocade over it. Very lovely! 
  2. 1 pair of jean capris
  3. 1 pair of fun striped capris
  4. 1 pair of fun patterned shorts, brand new!
Do you consign? What sorts of things do you look for? I was talking with one lady who told me that she is able to outfit all 5 of her children for the spring/summer, plus toys for the littles for less than $500. She didn't even tell me how much she made from consigning. Incredible!

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