HDMR: Love & Other Drugs, Life As We Know It, & Due Date

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I've watched an inordinate amount of movies lately, but I will narrow down this HDMR to some movies that I told myself I was going to wait to watch until after I had the baby, but 'eh, we all know that sometimes I have the patience of a gnat. I guess all of these movies could be classified as "chick flicks" maybe? Who knows. Anyway, on with the reviews...

Love & Other Drugs
Ok, this movie is centered around two highly attractive people, both of whom spend the first part of the movie in various undress. And then it takes a spin and well, it got entirely too serious. I was in the mood for a mindless comedy with fun and whimsy. Well, it kinda started out that way. Very cliche, but like I said, it started to take itself way too seriously. Maybe that's what it was meant to do, I'm not exactly sure. However, there were also gaps in the character development and too many details that I wanted to know, but they went unanswered. If the movie was just the first half and kept its momentum that way, then I suppose I would get something that was like A Lot Like Love or the upcoming Friends with Benefits. Oh well. It was ok, I guess it was worth the "free" rental, but honestly, when I had to get up, I didn't pause the movie. I just wasn't that engaged. I rate this a jello pudding snack.

Life As We Know It
First off, this movie WILL pull at your heartstrings if you are a parent. At some point or another, you wonder "what if" when you have a child. Who will they live with and who will raise them in the event you and your partner separate. This movie does a really great job of putting that question front and center...and be sure to let those people know that they are in your "what if" plan. I like Katherine Heigl. I didn't like her and then I did, and then I really liked her in Knocked Up. She plays type-A so well! Josh Duhamel is his typical adorable self, not deviating far from his typical roles. However, Josh Lucas was channeling that awesomeness from Sweet Home Alabama. *sigh* There were some believable real-life parts in this film (and some over-the-top overacting), which every new parent can relate to. You know the ones I'm talking about, where your life has switched from everything that you remember it being, but then nature takes over and you are immediately reminded why you've made those sacrifices. I enjoyed this movie. Not enough to buy it, but I did enjoy it very much. I rate this devil's food ice cream cake.

Due Date
I rented this movie for two reasons: Robert Downey Jr. & Zach Galifianakis. I love them both and I was curious to see how their on-screen chemistry would be. I found myself feeling sorry for Zach's character and having that uncomfortable laughter. Kinda how it was during The Hangover, but multiplied by 5. It was just awkward. Robert Downey Jr. played his character like a typical straight edge type-A executive. Most scenes were uncomfortable because of circumstances surrounding the way it was set-up. Especially if you've ever been the victim of gross exaggeration and miscommunication. There was one scene that was absolutely hysterical, though! Don and I were both gasping for air because we were laughing so hard. Basically, RDJr is trying to get back to his pregnant wife for the birth of his first child. ZG acts as someone who gets in his way of getting back. You will also see the likes of Jamie Foxx and Juliette Lewis, who both do a fun job. It's worth a rental, sure. If just for the random dog and his "talent." I rate this some homemade upside down pineapple cake.

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