Maternity Pics with Tesla & Mari

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The weather here has been quite delightful, so we've been spending quite a bit of time out and about walking. So much so that I've nearly logged 1000 calories burned just from the walks, so that's pretty amazing! Especially when you consider my goal of getting 400 a week. Overachiever much? No, not hardly. I guess you can just say I've been beyond stir crazy and needed to get out and soak up that awesome Vitamin D!

Well, one such walk, we actually brought the camera to grab some photos of the Sugarbean playing with Tesla...ok, not quite. Maybe some maternity photos for me. I know, I had some others made, but I really wanted Don to capture some of me.
Mari learned to sign I Love You a while back. Recently, though, she's asked me to "kiss" it with my own I love you. Here's an I love you kiss:

This is me in full on laugh...a rare candid moment captured, indeed:

This one was probably my favorite of the bunch. I would like to print it off larger and hang it in house. You can notice a kite flying just above my head. Also, isn't the Sugarbean's hair so long! I love it!
Here's a close-up of my belly. These were taken about two weeks ago, so I have dropped a bit and Tesla has grown some. If we have some time, we are going to try to get a couple more images this Saturday. We'll see. I hope we do because I don't have any with Don in them!

Those of you down South, are y'all doing anything fun to enjoy this amazing weather?

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