March Loves

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I was inspired by Elise's I love march. post, so I figured I'd do my own. Mine, you will notice, is quite a bit different from hers, but this is currently what I'm enjoying!
  1. Bella Umbrella $129...first discovered at A Graceful Home. (Kristine has impeccable taste!)
  2. BOB Revolution Duallie SE $629...gifted to me by my wonderful sister to help me Motivate it Forward!
  3. Peach Cobbler $4-$8...I can't seem to get enough of this stuff. I seriously need to make a batch for myself. Oh and peaches, I have been loving me some peaches!
  4. Red Mango Fro Yo $3-$5...I love their apricot and white peach flavors with 6 Cap'n Crunch, lots of blueberries, almonds, granola, and a few fruity gummy bears
  5. Lily Pads Silicone Shields $20 or so...ok, so I haven't started using this yet, but I remember LOVING them the first go 'round that I have a pair packed in the hospital bag for the birth!
Do you all have anything that you are lovin' this month?

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