3rd Annual Seton Soles 5K

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yep, it was that time of year for us to do our annual Seton Soles 5K to officially kick off racing season for us. Racing season is when we'll participate in all sorts of 5Ks, half marathons, and sprint triathlons. (marathons are reserved for years when I give birth.)

I wrote about the first time we did it here. I wrote about last year's experience here. This year was awesome not just because of all of the extra fun things for familypalooza (more to come on that in a second) but because Don got a PR (personal record) and finished within the first 100. Mari and I busted out a decent time and finished in the top 200. This was a major improvement from last year! When I rounded mile 2 to push up the hill, I was focused and not drained. I even passed a gal from last year, who commented that she remembered me and that I was looking great. Talk about a little bit of an extra boost. Just what I needed. I was around 30 seconds shy of breaking 30 minutes. Not too shabby while pushing an extra 27 lbs. Just like she did both the first and 2nd times, she fussed for a bit when we ran past the school. The first year because she was hungry. The 2nd year because she wanted her daddy and a banana. This year because she saw the school and wanted to play on the playground...and she wanted a banana. This time, I was able to run a little faster and she was distracted by the wind in her violent curls. I cut up a bit with these two teenage boys, razzing them to go a bit faster. One of them was wearing an SMU Womens Athletics shirt and I told him he was not doing the shirt justice. With that, is friend ribbed him and goaded him to start running. She's pushing a wheelchair and beating you! Um...not a wheelchair, but I knew what he meant. They propelled me to Don, who I motioned away to keep running. I needed a rabbit for the end. This year was an extra treat because Carol joined us, and she didn't just walk the whole thing, but actually ran a bit too! Exciting!
Despite the rain, they still had Familypalooza. They had 8 different inflatable activities, including a bounce house, obstacle course, big slide, and a few other things. This lady was also going around making balloon animals for everyone. They even had a fun group of young people dressed as bees who were affiliated with a summer camp. They were so full of energy and life. It was definitely a fun time. Unfortunately, we had to leave prior to them announcing winners. Unfortunate, because Carol won one of the gift certificates!

Looking forward to doing it again next year!

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