250: FC Dallas

Thursday, April 22, 2010

How blessed are we? Tonight we had the opportunity to go to the FC Dallas game to watch our favorite professional defender (#3) against the Seattle Sounders. It had been threatening storms all day, so we were unsure what to take with us. However, we knew that we weren't allowed an umbrella, so we packed the weatherproof blanket, Mari's raincoat, and a healthy dose of fun and giggles. Lucky for us, the weather held off for the entire game! Even better, Mari's mood was top notch for the entire game. The only hiccups occurred were during GOOOOOOAAAAALs. I guess the erupted sonic boom of happiness emanating from the crowd, along with the sirens actually emits riot-like decibels that freak out a toddler. I don't blame her. Being that tiny with such loud and instant noises can cause a temporary freak out. Nothing that some tight hugs and blue cotton candy can't fix, though.

While there, one of Mari's closest buddies came along. As soon as she saw him, she hollered out "Haaay-yen!" her tiny body vibrating in my arms. She was so excited to see a friend. She was equally as excited when she saw the pastel puffs of sugar in the distance. Oh yes friends, she knows what cotton candy is. She hasn't eaten any since the twins' birthday in October, but somehow that goodness has stuck with her. She happily munched away on it and Don proudly pointed out our blue tongues. She was intrigued because not only did we have blue tongues, but she had a blue tongue, and so did Toch! To her, it was truly remarkable that our pink tongues had somehow turned blue. She was more than disappointed when she insisted Kanene stick his tongue out and it wasn't blue. Just.A.Blank.Stare. How dare he not have a blue tongue!

Later, Lindsey enjoyed some nachos. Mari willingly exchanged some of her cotton candy and Lindsey was kind enough to share her cheese. :) Oh, and just to let you know, she'd already had her chihhh-kehhhn earlier. Also, tonight was the first night she practiced smiling for the camera when we said say cheese. I think we need a little more practice to get it right. At least she's no longer yelling NO, then running to a corner to hide. Progress folks, progress!

Don't you just love their matching pew-pew-pew-pew shirts? adorable!
And proof positive that I was there enjoying every bit of the blue cotton candy as everyone else.
Don and I love that our daughter loves sports. Then again, how could she not? At around 6 months, we took her to her first baseball game and just a week before that, we took her to see an FC Dallas game. Throw in a whole slew of other baseball games and college football games, and well, she's keen on that type of environment. It's so awesome to see her getting into the game and hollering to the field also. From here on out, only constructive criticism. No more cursing at the refs. EEEk!

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