Amazing Day

Friday, April 23, 2010

This morning I got up and had a headache like you wouldn't believe, I was also running about 15 minutes late to work. Ugh, I hate being late. I refused to be in a mood, though. Today was going to be an amazing day. I told myself that over and over again. Then, I even let a couple of cars merge in front of me without getting frustrated.

When I got into the office, I had quite a stack of work piled up, but I made the time to review a very special memory book made by my friend. I'm so glad I invested the time to do that. Immediately, my spirit was uplifted. I exchanged in quick banter about the previous night's soccer match and a short bit on the NFL draft.

Next thing I knew it was lunch. I walked a mile with my buddy to a very special luncheon where the keynote speaker was none other than Jenna Bush Hager. Not only that, but I shared a table with quite a few dignitaries, including Maurine Dickey. The lunch was good, the message even better, and thankfully, my buddy was open to waiting around so we could meet Jenna. We just kinda finagled our way in her presence since there wasn't a real meet and greet and it appeared that she was just chatting with some friends. I felt like I might have been intruding, but I was able to make eye contact and once there was an opening in her conversation, she paused to exchange a few words with us and even sign her book. (of course, she'd already signed the book, but I didn't know that! So look at me, I have 2 of her signatures, one in red and the other purple) We then walked the mile back and while I thought I'd worn sensible shoes, the blisters on my feet laughed otherwise.

The hours flew by and next thing you know, I was picking up Mari from school, watching her bounce around the playground like a freshly played pin-ball. Ding-ding-ding she darted from playhouse to tricycle to fort to playhouse. We got home and saw the fresh new birds. Then, we went to return the substitute phone since I was able to resurrect my old one from the toilet disaster. Afterwards, I went to White House | Black Market to see if there was anything I could wear for the Quince we're going to over the weekend. Imagine my delight when I scored a lovely dress in a size smaller than I would've typically purchased. It was the only one they had that was remotely close to my size and I figured there wasn't any harm in trying it on. Talk about a mini high. Although,  I did snap a pic and send it to Don for approval before the purchase just to be sure it was cute enough to buy.

Finally, we came home, enjoyed Indian food for dinner and I spent the evening helping my nephew make a puppet for his Reading class. It was loads of fun. I'll have to post some pictures on it later. i'm really happy with the way it came out. Just some drinking straws, boutonniere pins, tape, and a whole slew of other things I have around the house, but it somehow came together! Yaaay.

Now, as I finish up the day, I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had to share today with all sorts of people, especially my family. It was an amazing day indeed!

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