250: Mari Stick the Lunge

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lately, at Sias track night, Mari hasn't really wanted to ride in the stroller. She'd rather be out and about, running through the football field or exploring the sand pit. We try to get her to run on the track or around the track, but nah. Although, I must brag on her because two track nights ago, she ran 3, YES T-H-R-E-E!! laps around the track. It wasn't continuous, but still, that's 3/4 of a mile. Honestly, it's quite a feat and if I didn't think she couldn't handle it, I would've stopped her. 

Anyhow, tonight was only slightly different. We unloaded from the car and she refused to get in the car. Instead she wanted to walk. Not a big deal, we let her. Then, to get to the track, we have to walk around the tennis courts. She stopped by the creek to inspect the plethora of balls that had collected in the swampy, murky water. Then, she finally decided to head to the track. While we stepped foot onto the black sponge, Mari took off in a run. She's a fabulous runner. Anyway, she immediately turned on a dime and came back. 

Then, when she reached us again, she stopped and turned back around and started to do a full on lunge. Seriously, not just her little half baby lunges. She LUNGED. Her lunges schooled mine. I was an embarrassment. She whipped out five lunges, then proceeded to run again. She found a stick and each time Don passed her, she would pass him the stick like a baton. This happened until she was bored and immediately got lost in the sand pit used for long and triple jumpers. 

I hope those strong active legs will take her somewhere special some day. 

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