250: Tomato Plants Repurposed

Friday, April 23, 2010

Last year, I attempted upside down hanging tomato plants. I yielded slightly less than a dozen. I think I would've gotten a better return, but we had a monster heat wave and I went out of town, forgetting to water my plants. Needless today, they were fried, and they weren't green. (get it? fried green tomatoes...
eh, lame, I know)

This year, Don continued the tradition and surprised me with them one afternoon. Not long after, he happily skirted into the house and whipped up Mari. Always up to be outside, she giddily kicked her feet, making slight baby squeals along the way. And then, she stopped and stared. There she was, perched quietly, but staring around intently protecting her domain. She seemed very regal atop our tomato plant. Who knew it was such a nice nest!

Several weeks went by. With each passing day, Mari insisted that we take her outside to see the birdie. Oh the meltdowns we would experience because she wanted to love on the bird. Hug and pet her. We tried to explain that she was nesting. We never saw that bird move from the nest. We had NO idea how many eggs were under there. Today, when I got home, Mari was lamenting that I didn't let her play beep-beep. I couldn't. Don immediately met me at the car and whisked her up, telling her he had a surprise. They tiptoed to the backyard and were greeted with these little guys. Aren't they amazing?!

I don't know where the mom had gone. Immediately I thought they needed something to eat. Because it is instinct, I headed for the kitchen to make them a snack. And then duh, they don't eat human food! I casually asked about the mom, to which Don responded, "She probably out hunting for food. They must be hungry!" Of course, why else would she leave them. Then he followed up with, "They're almost fledglings and soon they will fly away and leave the nest." With that I was upset, and so was Mari. She wanted to hold them in her hands and play with them.

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