HDMR: How to Train Your Dragon, An Education, and Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This week's installment includes a couple of films from our friends across the pond,  a product review as well as a link for an opportunity to win some cool stuff! Ratings are done in leftover Easter Candy.

How to Train Your Dragon
This is the latest Dreamworks animation film, still out in the theaters. Like I previously mentioned in the prior (ahem, embarrassing, cough, cough) post. Truth be told, I really only saw the first 10 minutes and the last 20, but that was enough. This was a cute movie. I think Don liked it more than I did, but I can honestly say that by the end, Mari had enough. This surprised me for two reasons: 1. She LOVES movies, especially in the theater. 2. She LOVES dragons. Movies with dragons seemed like a no-brainer, but she had absolutely no interest in the end. We should've waited for the rental and taken her to see Alice. She still asks me to play her the trailer on youtube. Anyway, if you have kiddos and you like dragons, I would recommend this film. It was very cute and there was a moment in the film that got me a bit choked up as a parent. I can totally see us adding this to our video collection. I just wish I would've waited to see it while on video instead of in the theater. I rate this 3 mini peanut butter cups.

An Education
This powerful film is set in the 60s in England. It surrounds the life of a 16 year old gal who is on the fast track to Oxford when she meets an older gentleman who woos her and gives her a very different sort of education. I didn't know much about this film going into it other than Carey Mulligan was nominated for an Oscar, was/is involved with co-star Shia LaBeouf, and is slated to be Eliza Doolittle in the remake of My Fair Lady. I knew Alfred Molina and Emma Thompson were in it, but I didn't get to see them nearly as much as I would have wanted. Also, Peter Sarsgaard does an incredible job as a silver tongued conniving leading man. He's a mother's worst nightmare and every school girl's dream. *rolls eyes* It was slow at times, but definitely worth watching, even tough at times because everyone can relate to disappointment and heartache. But my most favorite thing about the film...THE COSTUMES!!! This includes the hairstyles and make-up as well. ooooh how I wish I knew how to fix my hair like they had in the glammed up bits because it would so love it. I rate this Robin's Eggs with a single Dove Chocolate egg.

Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging
Ok, this is a waaaay teenie bopper flick. With that said, I loved it. Mari and I watched this together, well, in the sense that she sat on the floor and played Barbies while I watched. Anyway, this is a total cutesy film about a 14 year old gal and all of the antics that surround being 14 going on 15. It was very teen angsty, but it was fun to learn new British slang terms. I swear, I feel like I'm going mental most days. (that was one of the obvious ones.) My other favorite one was Sex God. Don is my total Sex God! I digress. I fell in love with the lead actress in this micro-woman chick flick. I rate this a chocolate bunny with the ears bitten off.

Lush Retread
Ummmm...ok, for those of you not in my inner e-circle, you weren't aware that I spent last weekend in East Texas romping around outdoors. Lucky for me, my hair LOVES the outdoors in Texas in the Spring. You know, it shows this by being SUPER frizzy, and outrageously curly, and unruly. I <3 my hair. Seriously, I do have big love for my hair, and often, my hair shows me BIG love. After the rehearsal on Friday night, I spent part of the evening indulging in a bath that lasted longer than 10 minutes. I know, I know, I was out of control with my bad self. Lucky for me, my gal pal gifted me with a nifty sample of this stuff. Since I didn't pack any bit of hair product (who does that?), I opted to use my sample instead of resorting to making that late, late night trek to the Wal-mart in town. I generously worked it in my hair and I could honestly feel my hair slapping my fingertips while it said shutyomouf. Then it relaxed and actually was pleasant the following day. I would've worn it down had I not been hot and working. (everyone who knows me knows that when I work, I work...which means the hair is pulled back. I can't think creatively if the hair is down. Just can't do it.) So if you have amazing awesome frizz-tastic hair that has a total mind of its own, treat it to a spa day with this amazing elixir! It ain't cheap, but then again, magic does cost some money. Go out and have a bake sale if you need to. --->and let me know so I can enjoy some cupcakes. No, wait, no cupcakes for me. I have a bridesmaid gown to fit into in less than 3 months. YIKES!

Peanut Butter Contest Time
(do any of you watch Family Guy? did you get my reference?)
Finally, the contest! You may have skipped all of the rest of the nonsense and came directly to the bottom to figure out how you can win free stuff. Ok, ok, you go: Remember the gal who recommended the magical elixir from above? Well, she's having a contest over at her blog. Rules are simple. Become a follower and leave a comment. Easy peasy. And the prizes...wowsa! I want to call on my multiple personalities just so I can have multiple entries! Ha ha! Good luck to you.

Sorry if this blog was unusually wacky. I'm hopped up on some serious pollen, mixed with a healthy dose of amazing homemade pot roast infused with delicious demi, and a splash of Bianca's Special Allergy Medication (squirt + Titos=gitouttamuhfacepollen!). I hope you were enjoying this amazing weather despite all of the plant sex going on. I thought it was beautiful even though I couldn't really breathe. Small blessings!

Soon enough, you'll get your Mari-J fix too. We have some rockin' pics to share!

oh and P.S. in the even the FTC actually catches wind of my little blog, I wanted to be in compliance. In no way am I being compensated for stating my opinions. If I EVER get the delightful opportunity, I'll be sure to say it, but for now, no one has willingly paid me for my opinion.


MakeupMandiTX said...

Super glad your hair loves the Retread. :D

sexualhealthindia said...

Fine blog. I like An Education. It showcases several fine performances in this story about the dangers of youthful cleverness.


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