Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So we had a whirlwind of fun, right? The birthday month continues and I haven't been listing all of the fun goodies I've been experiencing/doing. I try to remember everything

June 3:
Indulgence - Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Nonfat Iced
Philanthropy - I tried to buy my friend's drink for them, instead, I gave the money to the SBUX baristas.
Health - I did a one hour personal training session with I wish I could find the time to do this 3X a week and make an extra couple of hundred a month to pay for it.

June 4:
Indulgence - Chik-fil-A Diet Lemonade (yum!)
Philanthropy - I didn't give anything today, instead, I was very complimentary of the guy who helped me out at the Sprint store.
Health - Packing while carrying a 20lb baby, then later loading up the car. Ok, not really exercise, but I was sweating!

June 5:
Indulgence - Woohoo! Nearly 5lbs lost, so I ate a taco salad WITH guac.
Philanthropy - I refrained from massive road rage instigated by this woman who cut me off, then followed up with a lovely middle finger gesture.
Health - A couple of miles walking around Austin

June 6:
Indulgence - Thai Food
Philanthropy - Brought food and drinks to share with friends and new friends we met
Health - 2.5 mile jog and a couple of miles swimming and tugging a group of 30 (with coolers) in the river

June 7:
Indulgence - Taco Cabana and a Boston Creme Cake & The Hangover Movie
Philanthropy - Photo session for friends and a surprise cheesecake for a special guy
Health - Playing in the fountains and running through them, loading and unloading our car from the weekend

June 8:
Indulgence - Yummy True North Nut mix
Philanthropy - nothing, I was still licking my wounds from the hotel experience...I need to work on that
Health - Swimming with Mari followed by a 2 mile run

June 9:
Indulgence - Texas Toothpick (vodka & iced tea)
Philanthropy - Talked extensively with a friend in need
Health - 2.5 mile interval running training

June 10:
Indulgence - Dinner & a movie (Gran Torino)
Philanthropy - Setting up a couple of site visits for a charity that I'm involved with
Health - strength training & swimming with Mari

*BTW, my MIL made that dress for Mari. I know it'll still fit her for football season. I'm so excited. I hope we can find some K-State fabric too!


The Steinman Squad said...

I LOVE that picture of Mari. And that dress is adorable! Your MIL is so talented.

chae said...

I would totally have sewing sessions with my MIL if I had one. That is a really cute dress! Do you gals ever do that?

Kristen, pajama mama said...

wow, that is a really cute dress! I have that fabric, too! I got my fabric for the looped towel at HobLob in garland.
btw, LOVE LOVE that photo of you and hubby-so sweet!

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