Father's Day

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today was a lazy day. Mari was kind enough to let us sleep in until 9:30!!! Yes, she'd gotten up early for a bottle, but passed right out immediately afterwards. We went over to Whole Foods to pick up some steaks to grill. Primo, Prima, Jorge, & Hayley came over to enjoy the cookout. (sorry, I didn't get pics of the food!) We had dry aged ribeyes, fideo with green chile, homemade Mexican corn (yes, Danika, it was AMAZING!!), grilled squash, zucchini, onions, & tomatoes, fresh banana bread, and homemade cherry pie from scratch with fresh cherries. OMG...delicious!!!!

While Don & Primo were grilling it up, I took out Mari's flower sprinkler for her to play with. We hadn't used it yet, so I figured, 'eh why not. It would've been a good idea to change her into a swim diaper and maybe her swim suit too, but I was in the moment! Here is her initial reaction to the water.
But, she built up some courage to try for some more. Then, her moods went from really happy to really sour.
It was such a warm day that I'm sure the water felt really good, but the occasional breeze made her cold.
After the play, we wrapped her in our blanket-towel and headed inside.
Sometimes, parenthood can be wrapped up in randomness. For example, I can't seem to keep track of her pajama tops and bottoms. Tonight, she wore her skull and crossbone top with her pink watermelon slices bottoms, and you know what, they kinda went together!

For Father's Day, we surprised Don with a Emotibommb (shower bomb): Walk in the Woods. It was something simple, but hopefully, will remind him of the woods. We haven't gone camping in a long while and I know he's a huge fan of it. This year, he was supposed to go up to Canada for an extended primitive camping, hiking, fishing, canoeing trip. Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to lack of interest. I was sincerely sorry that he was unable to make it, so while this is a poor substitute, my intentions are good.

How did you spend your Father's Day?

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