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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Don left for Detroit the day after my birthday. My folks came to town to help me with Mari. It was a whirlwind few days and it just kinda passed in a blur, let me tell you. I probably had about 12 hours of sleep for the three nights, but I didn't mind. I spent one late night chatting it up with my aunt, reminiscing about the NYC marathon, my wedding, and just life in general. I love talking with her! Another night, I was up late writing out letters to a very dear friend of mine. Her birthday request was not gifts, but our words. She was going to open our letters throughout the year. We could write our favorite memories, words of advice, or just whatever was on our minds. We had brunch together as a group. I hate being late, but Mari had a Sing, Say, & Play class that we couldn't miss. In my rush, I didn't notice when Mari tossed her frog wubbanub and I was really sad about that. I was a little flustered and was doing my best to project my attention on the birthday girl and the other girls around me. Mari was hungry, I was thirsty, and after we were taken care of and things were settled, all was better. (Although, I'm still going to have to buy another paci, even though we'll be weaning her from it in a couple of months.)

Here we are singing to the birthday girl. Sorry for the poor quality, Kona Grill is VERY dark.Afterwards, I spent a long time in search of her rana (frog in Spanish) and as a result, I had some retail therapy. I splurged on a couple of new tops, a pair of jeans (on sale, woohoo!!), and a couple of pairs of shoes for Mari. We also picked up some happies from Lush. Ada then told me that she was going to the Roughriders game (minor league baseball in Frisco) and would we want to go. SUUUUURE! I'm never one to pass up baseball!

She warned me that they wouldn't be there at the beginning of the game. I desperately needed a nap, so that was fine by me. We met up and it was perfect. While it was still warm out, it wasn't unbearable. Here she is with more of my favorite girls! Aren't they gorgeous?
Since I hadn't washed Mari's baseball shirt, she wore her Wonder Woman shirt with a cute jean skirt and her green Crocs. Cutie-pie! Of course, you can't go to a ballgame and not wear your ballcap, right?
We were in the grass seats and she loved being right up against the fence. She even hollered out to the guys in the centerfield! She clapped along to the music and freely explored the grass area.
I was glad to have Don back from his trip and I'm totally grateful for my girlfriends! Make sure to take some time out for your girls this week! Having that girl time is very important. They help keep you grounded and centered, too!

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