The weekend

Monday, June 1, 2009

This past weekend was not unlike the normal. We spent a bit if time scurrying here and there, trying to pack in 30 hours into a 24 hour day. It passed so quickly that much of Saturday was a blur. I remember we went to some stores and went to a party and I had a cancelled photo session, but that was the extent of it...oh, save that quick trip to Home Depot to pick up 2 gallons of Raffia Cream Behr paint.

Sunday morning rolled around and Mari gleefully awoke us with her screams. I told myself to get up, go run those two miles and shower for church. I remember getting up, holding onto my child only to awake nearly 2 hours later, panic-laden because I'd missed church. I breathed a heavy sigh, called out to Don and he reminded me that I NEEDED the rest. I called our neighbor boy over to help us with the backyard patio facelift (he had some volunteer hours he had to get in for his NJHS). By 10 AM, we were prepping to paint, when my inquisitive brain hijacked my mouth, where I casually asked, "Why not replace that siding/facade/whatever that stuff is there?" And my arm raised, my finger pointed towards the wall, which promptly had Don take out his measuring tape and start measuring the wall. Within half an hour, we had a naked wall, exposing pink insulation. (and I must add that both Don and I nearly danced a jig when we learned that we didn't have a termite infestation like we'd speculated earlier!)

We headed to Home Depot yet again and $120 later, we had the supplies. At 2PM, we took a 1 hour lunch break. (yum, Mr. Jims!) Mari was up and at 'em at this point, and I started to do work on the inside, until she burst into so many tears that she could not longer contain herself within the confines of our home. I opened the door and she was immediately placated. Her only desire was the paint and to paint herself. (she was a good helper while resting in the mei tai as I painted the details on the wall) I took her inside, gave her a bath, and put her down for a nap. I had a couple of errands, so Don and MIL continued.

I returned and helped to finish up the other wall and add a second coat to the wall that needed it. I went back inside when Don had to make another trip to Home Depot for some more caulk. I helped tidy up our patio during that time. Upon his return, I headed inside to finish what I'd started earlier. Cleaned the kitchen, prepped the laundry, and ....Oh that's right, on Saturday, I hit up the Indian Market and made an Indian food feast: Lamb Biryani, Bianca Paneer, Samosas, Naan, and Coriander Chutney...Don had planned to eat leftovers. Everyone was relaxing after washing up when once again, my brain hijacked my mouth and voice making another request, "Let's go watch Up!" We caught the 10:05 show and it was beautiful. Visually, appealing, a great story, and overall enjoyable. Despite the fact that both Don and I had to wrestle a hyper-active toddler that would burst with anger because she was so tired (waaaay past her bedtime), we enjoyed it and Mari did too. Even the 20 minutes where she ran up and down the was perfect because the musical score was so great, it was right in line with the "flying" we were doing!

When we left the theater, I smiled, squeezed my beloved's hand and he quickly started to sing Happy Birthmonth to You!

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