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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mari had such a wonderful time at the zoo! Yes, it was hot and we were tired after a really long weekend, but nothing like strolling through the park with those that you love. Plus, the occasional breeze was nice too!

We lifted Mari to see the elephants and she yelled out "Ba-Po!" Then she pointed at the elephant. While they are both animals, the elephants are not Guapo. They are actually quite a bit larger than he is, ha ha! But that reminded me of when I was a wee one and I called all animals cows, until one day, my dad pointed to a horse saying, "cow" when I shook my head and bluntly replied, "No, Daddy, that's a horse!" Right, right. Soon enough, she'll know to say elephant and not Ba-po. Ahh...she was mesmerized by the penguins and fish, too!

It was so warm, I had a scoop of Blue Bell homemade vanilla with peaches. I shared with Mari and her initial reaction was hilarious, but she came around and really enjoyed it! Oh, and speaking of food, I have to give kudos to the gal who made our supreme nachos. They were delicious and plentiful: enough to fill 3 adults and a baby! Delish! If you go to the zoo, pack a picnic. We did, but we wanted something with a little more crunch. Oh, and take plenty of water if you go in the summer!

Enjoy the pics below:

June 14:
Indulgence - Ice cream, nachos, and a yummy Tex Mex dinner
Philanthropy - happies for the nephews
Health - Walking around the zoo for 3+ hours in the Texas heat, whew!

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