Happy Birthday to Me!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wow, my birthday was just as amazing as I wanted it to be.

I went to work that morning in a happy mood. I'd done my hair and it was going to be a fabulous day! Don, Mari, Sister & her kids, Primo, and Prima came over for lunch and ate with me. Instead of cake, I requested cantaloupe with Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. They brought me LITE since it is weigh in week. Man, it was YUMMY!!

That evening, my friends came over and we had a BYOB party: bring your own burrito! Earlier in the afternoon, we took Mari to get caught up on her vaccines. Since we recently switched doctors, we had a bit of catching up to do according to the records. Instead of filling her little body with all of the shots, the doc recommended we just do one at a time for the next few months until we're where we need to be. She was feeling a little off, so we opted to skip her swim lessons. As it was, I was worn out! I'd only gotten about 4 hours of sleep from being so anxious about my official day. (My folks called at 6:18AM to sing to me happy birthday at my birth time.) Anyway, I yanked my hair back and put on some comfy clothes. When I got home, I cranked out another couple of hours of work before heading on over to Chipotle for dinner.

By the time we were home, several people had already gathered. Brother'd come up from Austin and had swung by my sister's place to get her kiddos. She skipped her swim class to be there for my birthday and I felt so loved that not only was I surrounded by friends, but my siblings were there too!

Like I said, this week is weigh in week at work and I was going to completely skip out on dessert. Jenna had given me a red velvet cupcake from Sprinkles, which I was determined to freeze until Friday night. We happily munched our Chipotle & Jason's Deli while watching Sweet Home Alabama. Primo brought over a DELICIOUS wine...Paul Hobbs Cab. was incredible!!

Mari decided to drape a festive lei in honor of my birthday. I'd put on her new Superman t-shirt since it is super, super soft and she was a SUPER baby to power through her shot!
Here is everyone singing to me. I was grinning from ear to ear. At this point, I still didn't have a cupcake in front of me. They just sang to me before I opened gifts.

I was given a lot of fabulous loot! Here I am with my baby girl again.
After everyone had gone home, I took a tequila shot and decided that it was my birthday and it would be a crying shame if I didn't eat cake on my special day. Who was I kidding, right? There are people who don't even get cake and here I was willingly turning it away. The tequila reasoning took over and they sang to me again. Plus, I HAD to get my birthday wish, right? Here is Guapo singing to me too!
Mmm...tequila and Sprinkles. Happy birthday to me! It'd been a long day, but well worth it! Cheers!

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