Rangers 5, Astros 4

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Are you ready for some baseball?? For my birthday, I asked my Dad to go to the ballgame. I figured we could celebrate my birthday and Father's day. Not so long ago when they started the Lone Star Series (Texas Rangers v. Houston Astros), we'd gone every year. Once, we even made a day trip to Houston for it! Initially, the intention was a 4 ticket small party. Well, it blossomed into 18 family members, plus a couple of friends of the family. Let me tell you, not only did the nostalgia from games past set in, but this was one of my very best memories at a ballgame. The only thing that would've made it more perfect is if they would've had a full blown fireworks show. Lucky for me, we witnessed two bombs to centerfield and the explosions afterwards sufficed (for those of you who don't know, they fire off fireworks after a homerun by our Rangers).

Here's the view from our seats. Not only did we get a fabulous reusable Texas Rangers bag, but it was dollar hot dog night! Woohoo!!
It was HOT that day, but our seats were in the shade. Here's Brother, Daddy, and Mari.
She was sitting in my favorite seat (#13) cheering on the boys. She's wearing a Hamilton shirt, but I think he's on the DL right now. BTW, Mari tore up her hot dog. Actually, the ate the equivalent of 1.5 hot dogs.
And as a surprise, Daddy sprung for the birthday package. I'd always wanted to officially celebrate my special day at the ballpark. Here's my name in LED lights. Sister's birthday is 2 weeks after mine, so her name was up there too! We also got a nifty swag bag filled with all sorts of Rangers goodies, which included an awesome statue of Nolan Ryan!
And here I am wearing Mari at the Ballpark from the view where the rest of our family sat. Again, thank you Deidre for the tickets. It truly was special to me to have my family there! As I type this, I'm getting tears in my eyes thinking about it. Family is the most important thing, very precious that too often we take for granted. For my mom to have two of her siblings there with us, and my cousins too...well, let's just say it was really, really awesome!
To top of it off, the Rangers pulled it out in the 10th inning and won!

And for you football fans (or those of you just curious to see the new Cowboys stadium), here is Jerry's World:
Pretty freakin' amazing!

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