6 Miles for Gen

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Have you ever had a hectic day? Are there just some days where you are at your wits end and you pray hard, asking for strength, perseverance, and patience? Then moments later, you are calmed with an immense clarity, full of energy, ready to take on the world.

The past couple of weeks, I've had a couple of moments like that. Then, I later learned that someone had been praying for me and clearly it was their positivity that energized me. At the end of my yoga classes, our instructor always asks us to dedicate the fruits of our efforts to something outside of myself. I thought, why limit this to just yoga? Why not dedicate my other physical efforts to friends and family? Not just any ol' activity, but those hard-must-press-on-and-push-through physical activities that require extra effort. I want to project that wonderful energy to whomever pops into my mind. It just so happened that the other morning, my wonderful friend and fellow Gemini popped into my head after my run.

This was the first 6-miler I'd done in a long while. I struggled so much that halfway through, I practically tossed the jogger into Don's hands, pleading with my eyes as I trotted to keep up. Pushing those extra 20+ pounds was really taxing on my already sore body. The mini hills drained every bit of my extra reserves, but somehow, deep-deep down, I found the strength to not only finish, but sprint the last 200 meters of the run.

Next time you're doing something positive, put that energy out there to someone who needs it. I'm sure they'll appreciate it all the more. Gotta love the simple happies life has to offer. :D

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