Garden 101...Thanks Jenna

Saturday, April 25, 2009

In honor of Earth day and our annual garden planting, I set out to contribute to our garden. I normally just tell Don what I would like to have and magically, a few months later, we'll have fresh product from our very own backyard. It's really cool, but I feel bad that Don does all the work. This year, he told me that he wasn't going to grow and tomatoes and it kinda broke my heart. Every year we've lived in this house, Don has attempted to grow tomatoes and while we haven't had many tomatoes, it is just a staple of our garden.

Anyway, I was catching up on my reading and came across Jenna's post. I was inspired to embark on the gardening journey. After we ran our 5K, we stormed to Lowe's and loaded up on some other goodies. Here's the original paper with my plans. You can see my clay wormie to remind me to water. I love that little guy and so did Mari.
There's wormie again! Also, you can see the awesome potting mix and seeds that Jenna gifted me. There are my tomato plants and that teeny guy in the front is a habanero. Habaneros seem to be the only thing I can grow with any consistency. Odd isn't it?
This stuff is liquid gold. Liquid seaweed. I used it on all of our plants and they seemed super duper happy! I also bought a bag of Texas seeds. I meant to scatter them all over our backyard. Maybe next weekend (although, I think they would've LOVED the rain we're supposed to get this week).
Here's my table of supplies. Your eyes don't deceive you, that is a silver serving spoon. I didn't have an adequate shovel and well, I needed a scooper, so when in need, why not? (Similar to my cake server that I used as a trowel when I helped out with the brick laying.) Look, there's wormie again!
Ok, first you cut an X through the coco liners.
I carefully put in my tomato plant upside down. Hello plant!
Here I am mixing the soil. Don had some soil from Calloways, so I mixed Jenna's soil with the Calloways soil. I felt like I was playing mother nature mixing the soils. It was just like making a cake. A cake for my plants and they thought it was yummy!
So I scooped in the dirt to the hanging plant, then at the top I planted peas. Here they are. I said, c'mon peas, grow, grow, grow!
Mari wanted to help. She took the spoon and mixed too. And then she put a handful in her mouth. No honey, that is food for the plants!!! Not chocolate. I turned my back and there was another mouthful hanging out. Blech! Do you think she has pica??? I think it serves me right. When Brother was younger, I told him that dirt was chocolate and he ate it.
Give me the soil, baby! Let's give it to the plants.
Here' take it out of my hand and put it in the pot. (See Guapo? He was out there too!)
Yaaaay!!! Putting the dirt in the pot.
So that's it. I need to grab some pictures of Don's fancy garden. Oh and to let you all know, my plants are thriving. A couple of hours later, those tomato plants already started curling forward and the tiny bloom on one of the plants had gotten bigger. INCREDIBLE!

Plant a seed and it'll grow!

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