NYC: Central Park Run & Chola

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

After work, I was flat out exhausted from the day of travel and working. Let me tell you, 4AM comes mighty early when you don't go to bed until midnight. And instead of sleeping on the plane, I was quite productive!

Anyway, like I said, after work, I did a quick change and immediately went to Central Park for a run. It was glorious! There were so many people running, walking, and biking. I saw a handful of men pushing strollers and only 1 female pushing a stroller. It was pretty cool. The flowers and trees were budding and I was mad that I didn't have little red with me. In the middle of my run, though, I did stop at the Bethesda fountain and snapped this photo. Isn't it beautiful? I was immediately flooded with thoughts of my beloved, because just a month ago, we were right there, holding hands, baby strapped to the front and just watching the world go by. bliss.
Upon my return to the room, I had these lovelies smiling at me. The romantic in Don came out and had these beauties delivered to me. They were there happy and being beautiful. Exactly the way it made me feel!!I lazied around for a bit before rinsing off and heading out to dinner. I stopped at Sephora for some more Dior Show mascara and an eyeliner (since I forgot mine!). I forgot how much I enjoy that show. It was a rich 40 degrees out, but I didn't feel too cold. I had it in my head to eat Indian, so I went back to that restaurant Don and I visited back in November. I wanted comfort food and was not in the mood to be disappointed.

They sat me right up front, but I didn't mind. I tucked in and sipped on my mango lassi while deciding what to eat. The crispy bread appetizer was good, but kept getting stuck in my teeth. The chutneys were AMAZING!

Here is my appetizer: lamb chops with cilantro, onions, and red peppers. I was careful to avoid the peppers, but I did get accidentally eat one. That's ok, it wasn't too bad, especially because of the lassi.
Here is the scene of while waiting for the next course. Mango lassi, silverware, crispy bread, and water.
Ahhh...finally arrived! Basmati rice with mutta paneer, spicy mixed veggies, rice puffs, and naan. I ate myself sick and still had enough to feed two more. I was in heaven! The food gave me the happies and I left there verfiably food drunk!
In typical style, I bagged up the leftovers and found a homeless guy to share with. I apologized over and over that I didn't have any water (because it was slightly spicy), but this time I remembered the plasticware! He'd commented, "ahhh...this bread is still warm and delicious!!" Talk about flutterbies all over.

A passerby on the street gave me a knowing smile and actually said, "thanks!" It choked me up a bit and I quickly ran inside to my room to settle in for the night.

So go on out there today and RAK* a stranger!!! You'll feel so much better for it!

*random act of kindness

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