Product Rave: Booster Seat and Tiny Diner...and some restuarant reviews

Thursday, April 23, 2009

You all know me enough to know how much I love to rave about a product when I find one that I love. Well, this case is no different. I'm going to highlight two very functional products and why we love them.

First off, Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat priced at $19.99. Ok, some of you may be thinking, what?? That looks like a flimsy booster seat and don't you already have a high chair that you currently use? Yes, actually and I love that one too!

BUT, there still lingered one of our big problems: Every time we go out to eat, all of the high chair straps are broken!! Grr... We have one of those car seat and high chair covers and it works fabulously. However, the straps don't have the plastic connector, they are wrapped up in tiny knots, one strap is missing, etc...the list goes on and one. I can't tell you how happy we are when we come across a high chair that actually has working straps, isn't wobbly, only to be discouraged when we go to slide her to the table and discover that the table is about eye level. REALLY?? Now, with grocery carts it isn't a big deal to keep an eye on her. She's right there in front of me and she enjoys busying herself with different produce, mommy's phone, or what have you. But when we're trying desperately to eat and she crawls out of the chair, wails b/c she can't reach her food (which I'd be upset about too!), is upset for whatever reason, you can understand our level of frustration.

One time, we went to a restaurant that was so brand new they didn't have a high chair. I knew this ahead of time and packed the one that we had. While not too heavy, it was pretty bulky and added on to the weight of all the stuff we typically have as parents. I remembered how pleasant that experience was when I came across this chair. I saw it in the store and really LOVED how compact and light it was. Nothing fancy about it, just a series of light weight plastic with straps, but straps that were intact. GLORY BE!! (And seriously, the heavens parted and the angels sang when I had this amazing revelation!) This past weekend when I was doing my girlfriend brunch, we went to Buzzbrews* and they had such a seat. After the positive experience, I made haste to make the purchase, took it home, wiped it down, and stored it in the car for later use.

Last night, I was in the mood for enchiladas and after a long, long, long day, I just wasn't up for cooking. We went out to our favorite local Mexican joint: El Norte Mexican Grill**. Good stuff right there! As we walked in, we tell him table for 2 and a baby (obvious) and when he asked us if we wanted a high chair two thoughts immediately went into my mind: Groan, their high chairs are too low AND the straps don't work! *BLING* But we have our new booster chair in the car!!! I ran back, saying over my shoulder, make sure we get a table and not a booth! When I returned, I popped off the tray, fastened the straps, and Mari was in the seat in no time flat. We pushed the chair in and whatdoyouknow, she was the proper height!! HIGH FIVE!!

She LOVED her chair. She didn't complain once about being in it. We knew she made it hers when she took her crayon and proceeded to draw on it. While I'm not in love with the colors, this seat is a definite gem and perfect find. Now we aren't ever going to have to worry about using those other high chairs, so long as we have this with us. (blech, how could I forget about all of the pesky germs that probably live in those other high chairs too, not to mention the bits of dried out food and what not??)
Next up is the Tiny Diner Placemat. I can't tell you how much we use this darn thing. I'm just kicking myself every time we leave a restaurant because we forgot the diaper bag that houses the placemat. Also, I really wish it came in purple. In any case, it is wonderful. It keeps all of the food and since she still eats off of a mat (we've tried the dish thing and she just flings it off the table and is upset because she lost the food and is still hungry. baby steps!) or a flat surface, we think this thing is very, very practical. Not only does it keep the food , but it has this little pocket to not only catch falling food, but also helps when you roll up the mat for storage. AND the nifty suction cups on the underside keep it in place. Good stuff!
*Buzzbrews, great place to eat, healthy, organic choices, amazing coffee bar, reasonable prices. The only drawback is that it is quite cozy, but you would only really notice it if you had a child and lugged in a purse and diaper bag and were parked in the corner where you had to squeeze past larger men to get to your chair. Definitely going back!

**El Norte Grill, amazingly fresh choices and very authentic. We genuinely feel like we were whisked away to a Mexican Cantina when we first step in. It is whimsically decorated in your typical Mexican regalia, complete with twinkle lights and raffia. So kitsch, but it really works and adds to the overall experience. The first time I went there, I was unimpressed, but that is because my tastebuds were off. I've been pleasantly surprised each time I've gone back. Mom and Carol both love this place, and Don considers it a favorite. If we had the ability to go out to eat every night of the week, El Norte would be on that list (along with Chettinaad Palace and Great Wall) If you are in the neighborhood and want Mexican and local, definitely check this plae out!


The Potts Family said...

Braelyn had this booster seat...well, she still has it, but she played with it so much that she broke the tray part off. She would get in and out of it, swing the tray back and forth.
Good thing they aren't too expensive. I need to get a replacement!

The Potts Family said...

We're getting a Great Wall in Frisco...but, its seriously taking like a year to build!

I would love some mexican food tonight. I wonder if I can talk Jay into El Norte.

Mrs. Bianca said...

Ok, I must apologize about the grammatical and spelling errors. I was still half asleep and haven't had the rest I should have had all week.

But you will LOVE Great Wall. At least I hope. Yes, it is a Chinese buffet, but good. And hopefully you can talk him into going.

Also, I'm glad to hear that Brae LOVES her seat that you need to get a second one. Makes me happy and hopeful!

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