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Monday, April 13, 2009

Yes, folks, it is that time of year again. Time to break out the gear and pack the special bags for baseball! I may have gone into detail of my fondness for the game, but you have to understand, I really LOVE baseball. The bright green grass, the crack-thwack of the wooden bats (or clinks for high school or college games), the vendors hollerin and tossin' goods, the smell of hot dogs, squealing kids running to and fro' totin' a ball or worn glove, all of the fabulous caps, and the general rumble of the audience. Talk about loads of memories and nostalgia. I very nearly married a ballplayer and I'm certain it was just because he was a ballplayer, because the moment he stopped playing, the mystique wore off. ha ha...but no, in all seriousness, baseball and I have a springtime love affair, lasting all summer long. (Do you know how utterly happy I am in the fall with both baseball AND college football??!! Now I understand the reason I'm so depressed in January and February, ha ha!)

Anyway, we ventured out to the Ballpark for our inaugural game of the season. It warms my heart to see that Mari LOVES baseball as much as I do. She really took to the music, the food, and especially the gear! Not once did she freak out, even with all of my hootin' and heckling. She got so into it that when Daddy and I gave high five to one another, Mari held up her little hand, expectantly. *swoon* That's my girl!

Here is the view of the field from our seats on Home Run Porch. Even though we couldn't see the Jumbotron (and I didn't get there early enough to settle in to keep score), it was a perfect view!

Here's my family. At this point, the Rangers were getting blown out 10 - 4! YIKES!
Here's a self portrait from our seats. Mari was starting to wind down at this point since it was about half an hour past her bedtime. I was gluttonous and overdid it with the food. Yep, had my hot dog(s), brat, and cheese fries w/ jalapenos (hala-payn-ahhs as the very TEXAN server said). And I wonder why my belly ached when I got home. LOL
This one was grabbed when we met up with my friend on our way out. Good timing because the Rangers were rallying! I turned Mari's cap into a rally cap! It was a good run, but the Rangers lost 10 -9. Dangit!
We're heading back the day after my birthday. It should be a good game against the Astros! Thanks Mom and Dad for going and for all of the INCREDIBLE memories growing up!

Speaking of basebally, here's a list of the other parks I've visited:

Dodgers Stadium AKA Chavez Ravine: Los Angeles, CA

We took several trips to LA growing up and I look back on those trips with fond memories. I remember happily wearing my Dodger blue t-shirts (my favorite nightshirt, to this day, is a Dodger's shirt!) My great uncle played for the Dodgers and this stadium always holds a special place in my heart. We had the blue hair beanies, Gagne-game-over shows, fireworks galore, and blue bats! Plus, views of downtown LA on the horizon. I'm getting melancholy thinking about it. *sigh*

Angel Stadium of Anaheim, formerly Edison International Field
Home of the Rally Monkey!
I first came to this stadium with my father and made another trip a few years later with my dad and beloved. They have this rally monkey that gets everyone fired up and ready for a rally. It's quite hilarious and highly effective!

Tropicana Field: St. Pete, FL
Complete with indoor beach and cownose rays. Honestly, visiting this stadium depressed me. The players were working so hard and seemed like they were the only ones who really wanted to be there. Tickets were ridiculously cheap and once inside, there weren't many fans. Granted, it was in the middle of the week when I went, but still. I did think the entire area was really pretty and it could've been a better experience, but wasn't.

Coors Field: Denver, CO
A row of purple seats that mark the mile high point. Going to this game gave me shivers when I walked up to the park. I was so happy and giddy when we visited. We were in town for a wedding and celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary. A month later, we learned of Mari's existence. :) Anyway, the game was excellent, getting to it was easy, the ambiance perfect. This is definitely one of those that we'll have to go back to!

Minute Maid Park: Houston, TX
Formerly Enron Field. I loved the retractable roof on this baby! The outfield was small and I determined that this was a hitters dream park. They've, since, proven me right.

And I have to admit that I haven't been to a game at the following places, but I've been in close enough proximity on the outside and was visibly upset because it wasn't baseball season or they had away games.
  • Safeco Field
  • PETCO Park
  • Citi Field (flown overhead several times)

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