Va va Keratin!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Today, I had the opportunity to get a keratin treatment on my hair by my stylist, Keri Kirchoff (call 817-521-5316 for more information). I arrived and I was quickly briefed on what to expect.

First, she washed my hair 4 times with a clarifying shampoo. Next, she completely blow dried my hair and that's the craziness that you see in the before picture. I actually had another before picture, but it pretty much looked like this one, so I used this one since you can get a better idea of how my hair looks. After that, she started to apply the Keratin in small sections, just covering it enough, and not completely saturating. I had to let it set on my head and then she flat ironed it out completely, in equally small sections like before. Before she started to flat iron it, my hair felt so spongy and I cracked a joke that it felt like a brillo pad moisturized with twigs and berries. Seriously, it felt like a REALLY bad wig. But slowly, the heat from the flat iron activated the product and instantly my hair had that va va voom look. I was sold.

It looks great, feels incredible, and I can't believe the difference! Now I can't wash my hair until Friday, nor can I pin it back, put it in a pony tail, or tie back in any way. This is going to definitely be a challenge, but my patience will pay off dividends! I was assured an extra week, possibly even two for following directions (the treatment will yield approximately 12 - 16 weeks of silky, shiny, smooth hair...just in time for summer!!!). So here's to hoping that my patience will kick into over drive!!!

Seriously, give Keri a call, she's a miracle worker!!

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