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Thursday, November 10, 2011

My friend Dianthe recently wrote a post highlighting her purse and changing it out for the new season. In it, she asks what is in our purse. Well, first of all, I wanted to highlight my purse right now:

I left the paper clip in there for size reference. For those of you who know me, this is quite a feat for me to shrink down to this size of a bag on a daily basis. Of course, I'm maintaining some level of "me" because this is a Coach. In my former life (before kids, and yes, even before my beloved), I set money aside every paycheck solely devoted to the purchase of shoes and handbags. You would think that I would have a closet gloriously filled with both, but alas, I have a few remnants of that time, 3 are my Coach bags, 2 Dooney & Bourke bags, 2 Prada bags, and a few evening clutches. I won't even get into the shoes!

This bag was gifted to me by one of my dear friends, Danika (gracias hermana!). I was so excited to receive it because this meant that I wasn't going to have to constantly switch bags, forgetting things in the shuffle. In it I have:

  • 1 pen refill that acts as a skinny pen
  • 83 cents in change
  • a couple of receipts
  • rewards cards to Buzz Brews, Three Dog Bakery Treat of the Month, Miyoshi & Red Mango
  • $10 cash (shocker! I usually only carry $5)
  • tiny lip gloss sample from Avon
  • 2 band-aids
  • security access card for work
  • two for cards and the other for the important cards. I made the one on the left with some black and white oilcloth I picked up years ago from City Craft using a Valori Wells Sewing Card.

Actually, I need to highlight the one on the left. It took me about 15 minutes total to whip up that little guy. The intention of it was for the fabrics to be opposite, but I didn't quite "get" the cards instructions and had them backwards. This wasn't anything new. Also, the insides of the pockets are a little zig-zagged. Another classic Bianca mistake that actually gives special flair to it. The diagonals work really well for me. Before I had my black Coach bag, this little wallet would roam to all sorts of bags with me. I have the order of the cards memorized! I'm thinking I may have to make another soon, though because the striped fabric is definitely wearing thin.

There you have it. My tiny bag!

My weekend go-to handbags that double as diaper bags will almost always have the following: wallet, a pen, sunglasses, cloth diaper, wipes, travel kleenex, pacifier, note pad, extra pens for Mari to draw or write with, a needle & thread, reusable waterbottle, reusable grocery bag, lip gloss, perfume roller, hair tie, coupons for various places to dine out, breath mints and/or gum, an energy bar, loose change, earrings or necklaces, post-it tabs, anti-bacteria soap, and an emergency straw (what, you don't have an emergency straw?).


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

There is NO WAY I could ever carry something that tiny. My life is too big.

(and I carry around way too much trash)

Happy Thanksgiving!! said...

I'm with Rebecca, I don't think I could have a purse smaller than a carry on bag! (JK) Your bag seems to fit a lot though, and I love the wallet you made! Post some instructions. :)

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