HDMR: Fast Five

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We like muscle cars and unrealistic car chasing scenes. It's no wonder that we enjoyed this film as well. I think what we enjoyed the most about this one, though, was the reappearance of our favorite characters from all of the other shows. This cast was PACKED with all sorts of star power. I mean, Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel in a movie. It was so much fun. Albeit, a little awkward for the director to shoot, I'm sure. I liked how they worked that Hollywood magic to make them seem like a similar size, knowing Dwayne Johnson towers over him! Seriously, I know he's a big dude! In hind sight, it probably would have been more fun to watch on the big screen instead of on our regular ol' TV (yes, we still don't have a hi-def TV, whatever). If you like action, if you like adventure, if you like cars, and you don't really care about cheesy dialogue, then you will totally enjoy this movie. It's definitely a fun way to pass 130 minutes. My only gripe is that (spoiler alert) Jordana Brewster's character, Mia, is pregnant. She goes through some pretty intense scenes, and quite frankly, other than them saying she was pregnant, you never would have known that she was at all pregnant. No symptoms, no cautious maneuvers, she was still running around as if pregnancy is a walk in the park. For some it is, but still (really Bianca, because so much of the rest of this show is realistic and believable). Like I said, taking that out of the picture, it's a fun ride and I would definitely recommend the rental! I rate this a hefty slice of pie with a giant scoop of Blue Bell vanilla...a la mode, baby!

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