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Friday, November 4, 2011

I will be talking about mucus and snot in this post. I can understand if you don't want to read any further. Thought I'd be courteous and warn you. Don't say I didn't give the warning.
When my girlfriend first told me about her Nosefrida, I was a bit eeked out. Intrigued, but still wondering how you prevented swallowing any of your kids snot.

The first few months of Tesla's life, we thought we were going to escape the runny noses and congestion like we did with Mari. Mari's first two years of life were spent in a perpetual state of congestion, upper respiratory infections, and what not. We were heavily reliant upon those nasal aspirators that we received from the hospital. We were so happy to have gotten an extra one just in case. When we were in the hospital with Tesla, once again, we picked up an extra one. Unfortunately, it wasn't as powerful as the others that we had. Not sure why, but oh well.

Here lately, she's been sneezing out thick congestion, that I can only describe as life sized slugs. How she has that much mucus is beyond me, but I am more than certain she is uncomfortable with it all. Our aspirators just weren't cutting it. So when my BFF mentioned coming across the Baby Nasa Kleen at Whole Foods, I figured, why not. Her own little one was going through a similar struggle. She showed me everything that was included in the kit and I was able to see how it all worked. What would it hurt? The convenience factor, plus being less expensive than the other, had me sold on giving it a whirl.

I took it home, cleaned it, then handed it to Don to use on Tesla. I hadn't been feeling well, and I knew I didn't have the suctioning power as him, since he was healthy. After a few tries, he was telling me it was a dud. He was ready to go back to the struggle with the bulb syringe. Well, when I had to stay home with her, the congestion was overwhelming and I had no idea where the bulb syringe was. (I later found it amongst the other precious things our imp of a 3.5 year old likes to hoard.) I sterilized my mouth with some mouthwash, and went to town. Wow! That's all I can say. wow. It didn't take very long and boy howdy, was there a lot that came out. Even though there was so much, it only half filled the tube. I yielded just as much out of the other nostril and opted to repeat on each one. After I was done, she gave me a look of gratitude and curled in to rest a bit more.

I cleared out the tube by blowing everything into a napkin, during the process. When I was done, I cleaned each part and replaced the filter.

So here is how it works and the parts of it:

  1. Mouthpiece - What goes into your mouth
  2. Plastic tube - About a foot and a half of flexible/pliable tubing
  3. Plastic chamber - This is actually 3 inches wide and one side has a screw on lid that connects the tubing to it. The other side has ridges to screw on the nasal nozzle.
  4. Nasal nozzle - Made up of medical grade silicone and safe for the baby. It has a small enough tip to fit comfortably in your little ones nose, but could fit into an adult nose and a toddler nose.
  5. Filters - These sponge like filters fit at the base of the plastic chamber where the tube connects to it. They are about the size of an m&m and are what prevent you from inhaling any snot. Included in the kit are 20 filters.
  6. Traveling case - You also get a nifty travel case to keep it all in. 
That's it. Pretty simple tool, but highly effective. I think what happened with my husband is that everything was too thick and he couldn't get anything out. In that case, you should use a couple of saline drops to help loosen it up, then suction. I would highly recommend this product if you are in search of something to help ease up the congestion. I could see this being helpful to those whose little ones haven't learned to blow yet, either. Cost, $10 at Whole Foods. They did not carry the replacement filters.

**I was not approached by Baby Nasa Kleen to mention this product. Nor was I asked to mention Nosefrida. These opinions are my own.**

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