Behind the Lens

Monday, November 7, 2011

If I'm not behind a sewing machine or in the kitchen, my next favorite place to create is behind a camera, happily clicking away. There's just something about capturing the right moment and freezing it forever. I like to do that with my memories, but having an actual photo really helps to seal that memory forever. I must admit, the first few times I was captured while "working" I was a little embarrassed, but now, I think it is fun. It is great to see how other's "see" me. 


Bianca Tx Tech 2011-1

This is me working a pose. If I've "shot" you, and you are female, then you know this pose well.
Bianca Tx Tech 2011-2
It's no wonder we have our very own mini poser in the family. :)

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