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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We all know that breast is best when it comes to our child. There are other benefits to nursing as well. You lower your risk of breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer. We have also been able to save money since we don't have to buy formula.

With Mari, we had to start supplementing her meals around 5 or 6 months. She had some form of breastmilk until 9 months. This time around, I was sure to stockpile my reserve when my milk first came in. Of course, we blew through that pretty quickly. Pumping at work just doesn't yield the same volume as when I'm around her. On the weekends, we only have to hit up the stash when Don is giving me a break. Even then, I try to pump as soon as possible.

This week, she will turn 7 months old. During that time, she has only had 2 oz of formula around the 2nd week of her life. The rest of the time, she's been nourished with breastmilk. BUT! I was very, very lucky to have generous friends who were willing to share their unused supply. One gal had to stop her nursing relationship early, and gave Tesla the 100+ ounces she'd had frozen. We have used that supply over the past month and a half to make her cereals and food. My other friend has given us oh so much, that we have been able to extend this journey a couple of months longer. I like to lovingly refer to these beautiful mothers as Tesla's Milk Mothers. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mandi & Stephanie!

There's nothing wrong with having to supplement either. It was just the choice that we had made for our little ones. I think if you can go as long as you can, then that's amazing! Great job! I do lament, though, the loss of our nursing relationship. I know my supply is dwindling and we will soon have to supplement. That doesn't mean that I will give up automatically. I still plan to continue pumping until she reaches 9 months or my supply is totally gone. And thank you concerned folks who have offered up advice to increase my supply. I've tried it all except a prescription.

Back to the topic at hand, though. When I mentioned to someone that Tesla had milk mothers, they appallingly looked at me with disgust. I found it interesting that we, as a society, accept giving cow's milk to our young, but something as natural as breastmilk seems a foreign concept. Then again, I was part of that group not long before I had children. Then, I decided to learn more.

Anyway, all that to say, I'm incredibly grateful for my friends and for the gifts they've given.

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