Taking a walk in Mommy's Shoes

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mari LOVES my shoes. No really, she was exactly like I was her age and spend hours (okay minutes, but that's a long, long time for a hyperactive toddler!) in our closet. And come to think of it, Mari loves shoes. She's equally fascinated with Don's shoes like my heels.

Anyway, until this past weekend, she hadn't quite figured out how to walk in them. She knew how to balance our shoes on her feet, but walking proved a much greater task. Well, she found a pair of shoes that are a better angle for her and the fit at the end is just right. I caught her doing this:

Yes, that's her walking around our house in my shoes! Obviously, the poor quality is due to the fact that I grabbed this on my phone and not our video camera. Man, I can't wait until they make teeny tiny video cameras or the one they put in my phone is higher quality. In any case, enjoy the cuteness that is our 19 month old wandering around. At the end she says, "Done!"

*oh, and for those of you curious about the background noise, I was watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager when I took this.

Then tonight,while Don and I were lazing around the night because of the rain, we noticed that she was missing one of her screw on earrings. It is beyond me how that child how that child figured out how to unscrew it, but she somehow managed. We ran over to Kohls tonight to look for a replacement "pretty" because we feared her piercing would close. Ok, they did NOT have any screw on earrings, nor any rounded back earrings. I guess we MIGHT have had better luck at Wal-mart, I don't know. In any case, we settled on a small hoop set. She screamed so much when we put it on that she has one tiny hoop earring and one small ball earring. It's a fashion statement, right?

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