Before the storm

Monday, September 21, 2009

The storms were returning, so we knew we had a bit of time to enjoy dusk before the clouds broke open and waxed wet on earth. I grabbed my camera and we headed outside. Mari has been cutting another lower canine and has been ebbing between frantic fussiness and vicious happiness, which is not unlike me when I've gone days without my caffeine and chocolate. :) Also, she's been undergoing a fierce growth spurt, her legs look so much longer!

For your viewing pleasure, behold , toddler in action...
She's running from Daddy who is chasing her. By the way, on the sidewalk in the distance, there are fresh acorns that have fallen from the tree. Like me, she loves to step on them and make them go crunch!
Look at that tongue, that wild hair, the pointed foot...she's so focused on fun.
And a rare moment, a family photo. What makes this photo great is that Don and I are in focus and looking at the camera. Mari is trying to make a mad dash out of the picture and Guapo (not pictured) is trying to jump in Don's lap.
Hope those of you in the area are enjoying the storm!

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