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Friday, September 25, 2009

I must say that even though we had to wait a ridiculous amount of time to see our doctor yesterday we really do love her. We go there knowing that she will spend quite a bit of time with each of her patients, so the constructive thing would be to let them know to tweak their scheduling so that won't happen. Also, since she isn't a dedicated pedi, but more of a family practitioner, she will see all types of illnesses and such. Regardless, we kept the lines of communication open and it's all good.

But on an even brighter note, I ADORE my eye doctor! I get a text message reminding me of my appointment and the above email to confirm my appointment. Fabulous. I really enjoy how on the ball with technology they are.

And speaking with technology docs, I saw my dentist yesterday and today. Yesterday, they took digital x-rays and for whatever reason, they didn't drape me with that big coat that is normally worn during x-rays. I immediately saw the results on the fancy-schmancy hi def TV screen. Not quite the close up I would enjoy. Even worse when he took a photo of my teeth with an instrument that I originally thought was a pen light. LOL! Totally cool. Not so cool was the nitrous oxide that had me high as a kite. I don't know why people like that stuff. After the crown fitting, I specially requested that I NOT have it for the fillings, which was just as fine b/c that numbing gel stuck with me for several hours. All I could think was, man, I hope this stuff wears off by the time I see Don, otherwise, I'd be kissing him with fishy lips. Seriously, I kept flappin' 'em like they were wings. It cracked me up.

But then it all wore off and now my jaw is so sore that I'm communicating via text, IM, and email instead of actually talking. Moving my jaw hurts...ALOT. I feel like I was given a swift right hook by Mike Tyson, minus the blood, bruising, and what not. Still, all I want is some yummy food and gum. RANDOM. Instead, I've only had a Grande Caramel Latte, nonfat at 140. Wait a minute, though. This dental thing just might get me to lose some weight. High five!

Anyway, I puffy heart all my docs, even when they give me not so great news. I like that they keep it real with me, without the feeling like I've been hit by a ton of bricks. That's not so easy when you get the yucky news you really don't want to hear.

Oh, and keep my BFF's baby in your prayers. Little Creepa seems to have gotten H1N1 and he's only 4 months younger than Mari. Just this past Saturday, they were playing together and having a good ol' time. Poor little guy! THANKS!

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