Eye Masks & Glitter Pumpkins

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I was feeling mighty creative this weekend and set aside some time flex the imagination muscles.

We were at the store picking up some essentials and the pumpkins are out. I guess they've been out for about a week already. We picked up several decorative pumpkins and I felt they needed some bling. I followed Martha Stewart's Glitter Pumpkin instructions and soon I had some mini fairy tale pumpkins. Here is what it looked like before the glittering. Isn't beautiful?

You can't tell from the picture, but the it is still very much a white pumpkin with delicately fine, sheer glitter. They really are very lovely in person.

Next, my eyes had been feeling a little tired (um...four hours of sleep'll do that, duh!), so I thought to myself, hmmm...why not make some eye masks with the leftover fabric and lavender. I'd been wanting to do something with all of that lavender I had, and this seemed like the perfect excuse. While catching up with my adopted little sis (who was visiting from Cali, woot!), we whipped up six of these babies. We filled them with a generous pinch of lavender and 1/3 cup of three different kinds of rice: brown rice, basmati rice, and sushi rice. They are heavenly!

I went ahead and tried it out, perfect! I'm pretty relaxed, here.

Fun, fun times!


chae said...

Those eye masks look great! I like em..I need one.

Lil D said...

OMG!!! Thanks Big Sis for an awesome weekend! I had such a blast & I especially loved being crafty with you yesterday! I used my eye mask on the plane ride home! SO RELAXING!!!!

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