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Monday, September 21, 2009

This post has nothing to do with ice cream, actually. It has to do with a little project I had cookin'. I was going to wait until I was certain that the recipients of such cards had their little package, but it won't completely ruin the surprise, this just gives them a good teaser.

In any case, back in March, I had written a post about making something for the first 5 people who had posted a comment. Unfortunately, I only had 4 comments, but it was mostly for experimental purposes to see if anyone was REALLY interested in getting something handmade. I guess I had my answer. While this isn't EXACTLY handmade, it took my time and it was my creative spirit that drove it. (All pictures are taken by me.) I found this fun little company for my purpose: I set out to create a set of mini inspiration cards. On the front is an image from the following set:

The back says:
& indulge yourself today.
Not only have they received something granting them permission to indulge, but I'm encouraging them to pass the party on. I've surprised a few people at work and they were positively received. Of course, it warmed my heart and gave me the happy fuzzies deep inside.

For your printing needs, I would recommend I love their wacky (and earth friendly!) packaging with quirky sayings. The quality is nice, and the price is just right. I'm definitely using them in the future for other projects. Go and check 'em out. Here's a code for you first time buyers: 2RB2CK

description of each photo (going from left to right starting at the top):
  1. Cupcakes shot at Old McKinney
  2. Dr. Pepper chalk sign on a sidewalk in Old McKinney
  3. Gold Dust Lounge shot midday in San Francisco
  4. San Francisco Cable Car shot midday
  5. Cappuccino with accidental heart foam shot at Cafe de Presse in San Francisco
  6. Beautiful red wine shot at Artesa tasting room
  7. Horizon pool with sculpture shot early day just outside of Artesa Vineyard
  8. More fountains outside of Artesa
  9. Closer view of the same fountains
  10. 9 - 12 foot bullet shaped sculpture with glass tiles outside of Artesa
  11. Bridge taking us from Oakland to Napa Valley
  12. Sculpture of a Vintner greeting you into Napa Valley
  13. Park bench outside of St. Supery
  14. Road between Cuvaison and Domaine Carneros
  15. Another angle of that same road
  16. Gnarly tree just outside of Trefethen
  17. Fun tractor just beyond the border of V. Sattui
  18. Sommelier at Silver Oak
  19. Bottles and bottles on display at Silver Oak
  20. Tops of wine bottles in a bucket (wines from the tasting) at Joseph Phelps Winery
  21. Champagne bubbles at Mumm Napa
  22. Winding road on the way to Marston Family Vineyard
  23. Birdhouse just outside of the heavenly tasting room at Marston Family Vineyard
And for you four who signed up, I hope you enjoy your happies!

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The Steinman Squad said...

What a great idea! I so envy your creativity. You inspire me, girl!

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