Fairies & Angels

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ever so often, I can put on my photographer hat and play. I'm learning that my favorite subjects are children. The innocence in their angelic faces truly inspire. I especially love it when I have happy and willing participants. But heck, sometimes when they are angry, they're a whole lot of fun too! In any case, here's a break from your traditional Mari cuteness, but loads of cuteness nevertheless.

And if you would like me to take some photos of your kiddos (or heck of you, the sky, your car, your dog, while stalking an ex...just checking to see if you were paying attention), drop me a line and we'll set something up. I'm reasonable, very reasonable! I've been known to work for cupcakes, high fives, hugs, and on occasion, money (usually when I'm either saving for a new lens or trying to raise money for a cause).

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