She has good taste

Friday, September 18, 2009

This little girl cracks me up on a regular basis. You saw her walking in heels. This little girl loves shoes! So much so that we were in DSW this evening and she found a lovely pair for herself to wander all around. They were a hot pink high, high wedged platform with these large flowers all over them. All of the women were impressed with how well she walked around in them. (I was impressed that she got them out of the box and on her feet in a matter of seconds!) When she tired of them, she put them back in their box and ran off. I chased her and found her trying on a pair of black flat sandals that the current owner was merely a few feet away trying on another pair of sassy kitten heels. The older Asian woman smiled at Mari and laughed. I apologized and the nice woman didn't seem to mind. She just said, "She has good taste!" Now why can't all strangers be that wonderful and see the positive in something that would annoy another?

We've had loads and loads of rain this past week. Seriously, it's been a lake outside of our home and I'm feeling kinda guilty that I didn't buy those cute little wellies for Mari last year like I wanted to. Oh well, her regular sneakers had to do. At first she was very cautious, but within minutes, she was having a heck of a time in the rain. I chased her and went splash-for-splash with her.

This was the look she gave me when I told her that we were all done. And this little girl, this little blessing...every day she makes life better and brighter, no matter how gloomy I may be feeling, no matter if she's biting me, scratching me, pulling my hair, or screaming at the top of her lungs. Because with each of the hurts, she's giving me a hug, waving hello to a stranger in need of a Mari smile, feeding her brother, Guapo, or dancing in the back of the car to her very own tune.

I will never fully recover from some of the past hurts (some more recent than others). I'm reminded on a regular basis (unintentionally by some VERY close friends) of some of these things. I often bite my lip at these times, partly to cut back tears, and partly to not hurt feelings. You see, it is easy to complain about blessings, especially when you've never lost something so near to you.

Growing up, I was often angry with my mother for various teenage reasons. I felt really bad about it too (still do). And when I took my mother for granted, I just had to look in her eyes and understand. Because she didn't have a mother to quarrel with during those teenage years. What she would've given for that chance. But knowing what she knew, I guarantee you there'd be more cuddles and kisses and less arguments. (Hey Momma, I'm still sorry! Promise!) It pains me to hear of pregnant women complaining about pregnancy. Don't they know that miracles come at a cost? Likewise, it bothers me to hear of perfectly healthy people complaining about running or working out. Don't they know that some people who can't walk would LOVE the opportunity to go for a run or dance the night away?

I've now tried to refocus my energy towards positivity and do my very best to encourage. I grab onto opportunities like that one in the shoe store to refuel my perspective. She's not a bratty, wild child running amok in the store. She's just a gal with good taste.

if you think happiness only comes from sunshine, you've never danced in the rain.

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