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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm ever so grateful for a loving husband. Like I mentioned previously, this past weekend, he went up with me to the hospital to wait while my BFF delivered her first baby. I'm certain it wasn't on his top list of things to do on a Sunday, but he came along with no argument. It gives me the warm fuzzies to know how much he values our friendships and relationships with others to make it a priority to be a part of life's bigger events. He's always up for celebrating life.

Yesterday, when I got home (which was later than expected) he didn't mind that I'd been running late. He made it a point to eat a rushed dinner with me and had to jet off to go help my cousin and his wife move into their new place. Moving is hard work as it is, but doing so on a hot summer evening without any debate is something else. He's such a hard worker and I love that about him.

This morning I had to get up extra early (b/c I'm running at 6AM with one of my coworkers), but I was up 15 minutes ahead of schedule. I used that time to write my beloved a love note letting him know how much I appreciate him. I tucked it away so he'd find it later. I kissed him, Mari, and Guapo bye and headed out the door. I was getting melancholy thinking about how much I was going to miss them during the day and when I get to my car, there's this wonderful handmade card/note from him. He found the time to make that for me yesterday and it was so sweet. You know that just put me over the edge! I spent the better part of the morning commute tearing up. It took everything in me to not turn around and drive back. ::sigh::

So on a different note...
Like I said, I met up with my co-worker and a former worker here and we set off for our morning run. It was a lovely pace and I actually kept up with them for 99% of the run. The other part I lagged behind b/c I paused to drink water. Early on I'd attempted to drink and jog, but I nearly choked myself with water and some almost went up my nose. It wasn't pretty. Speaking of unpretty...I fell. Yes, again! I about scared these women too. Bless their hearts! Parents, if you have a clumsy child sign them up for ice skating lessons. If nothing else, they will learn how to fall properly. I'm always falling and I don't suffer as many scrapes, cuts, or bruises because I learned how to fall the right way. I bet many of you are scratching your heads, thinking, this woman is smoking crack because there's no such thing as proper falling. But no, I'd have to vehemently disagree. Let's take this morning's fall, for instance. I'd stepped in a puddle, so the bottom of my shoe was a bit damp. No worries, b/c even though it was very early, it is still pretty darn hot! We started on a descent and the pavement was uneven. Still not a big deal. But, I was focusing so much of my efforts on my new CONFIDENCE in RUNNING muscles that my legs must've relaxed more and I felt myself plummeting head first to the ground. A series of grunts and mild shrieks and I felt like I'd sufficiently warned my running partners to get out of the way. Instead of falling to my knees, I pushed off a little more and braced my palms for the heavy blow. I was in full on volleyball dive mode. I'd tossed my water bottle aside and caught myself, barely grazing my left knee as I quickly launched myself back up. Yes, I was embarrassed, but that's about all. I had a teeny tiny scrap on my knee and I successfully peeled off the top layer on my right palm (which I needed a manicure anyway!). My injured left wrist didn't feel any pain. No limping, just a quick jogging in place while my running partners looked on with worry. I tried to casually explain to them that this is a typical thing and after some convincing, their concern focused back to the running. And no, I didn't wet my pants which I was certain was going to happen! These exercises really are amazing.

I'm grateful for my body. It has done marvelous things and will continue to achieve pretty incredible feats. I fully intend to use it to the max too for as long as I can. I look at my mother for inspiration. There's a lot she can't do (like walk for distances greater than 10 feet), but that doesn't stop her. She and her little red scooter are headed to Europe in about a week. This will be her first visit there and I'm so proud of her for going across the pond. You're never too old to dream big and still follow your dreams. I'm grateful for my mom teaching me that.

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Michael Stevens said...

Don is the greatest!! He truly is. He is so kind and warm. I can't imagine life without him in your life.

By the way, you're looking quite snazzy. There is a wonderful glow about you. The hair is beautiful too!

I love you very much!

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